There Are Days


There are days when I can’t help myself
I miss her so much I break down and cry

Then there are days I can
But still the tears come

Because those days mean more than
My inability to fight back tears
Or hold in the pain

And then there are days like this one
When the tears come but
Only for a moment
As sweet memories of time spent
Is so real I can almost see
And touch her


And so I whisper softly
So as not to disturb her peaceful sleep
Happy mother’s day mommy
Look who’s dancing for you

And I swear for a brief moment
A very brief moment but
Still fulfilling enough for me
I feel her hugging me tightly
And I hear her saying
I love you Bunmi!

Happy mother’s day Mom!!! Rest always in heaven’s peaceful bliss!


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  1. A friend once told me that it’s not the days she supposed to miss her mother that are the worst, but instead it’s the times she has something good to tell her and suddenly remembers she can’t that hit her the hardest. Sending love and hugs my dear.

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