Back Where They Belong


Pity parades on campaign trails
Blitz promises that go no further
Past lying lips and greed stained teeth

Articulating childhood dreams that were illusions
“I was barefoot from birth until age 17”
Ridiculous attempts to connect to the masses

Next time buy them shoes and
Send them on their fucking way

Talking of painful experiences and
Childhood poverty
How it shaped their lives
Causing them to think and
Want to make a difference

Well they make a difference alright
A difference that would forever remain
A difference in their oversized pockets and in
The lives of their misfit progenies
They make a difference quite well
Glamorizing the audacity of their impoverished mentality

Next time they come trying to connect
With foolish tales of their past woes
Let us ignore them completely
Like we have been ignored
Give them the cold shoulder

Show them we are no longer puppets
No longer easily fooled
Or deceived
The days of foolery are over
We as a people now know better

Motor mouthing and brain washing will
No longer work
We know better than
To vote for heartless creatures
Who forget easily how far they have come

Next time when they try to connect
We would give them the cold shoulder
Like they have given us and generations past

Perhaps buy them some shoes and
Send them and their kinds
Back where they belong


16 responses »

    • Nah no need to feel guilty. Just exposing the facade of many African governments, who lie and deceive just to win elections. And then once they are elected forget about the many masses, while sending their brats on expensive and luxurious vacations.
      On the other hand, thanks for saying that maybe thats why a lot of bloggers are not responding or liking the post LOL. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. Oh, I see. It’s the same thing here in the Philippines come election time. I got your point while I was reading this, but there was another angle I saw – that of foreigners who feign willingness to help Africa, but have their own greedy agendas behind the facade. Although there really are people who are genuinely concern, right? I started to feel guilty in that point of view, lol.

    And lol, no problem. Although I think many will like this post. It may be negative, but the truth has an appeal you can’t help but like. 🙂

    • Oh absolutely!!! foreign companies and government come with the hopes of helping but have their own agenda…oil companies etc. God save us all. I understand you quite well lol. Thanks again

    • So true…the greed is just manifested in some places more than others. Thanks so much for taking time to read and for the comment. Glad you enjoyed this. Many thanks for always :). Have a wonderful day!

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