A Collection Of Short Poems


I found a new muse
But it is no use
Either way I chose
I would still lose

If you had heard me
Seen me or
Caught my eye
Just once
You would have
Loved me

The look in your eyes show
They show something
The joy in your smiles prove
They prove something
But the warmth and
Feel in your arms
Well they say it all

I am falling falling and failing
Deeper deeper and deeper
It’s the right kind
Of free falling
But still I find
I am falling

Soaked in joy
Washed by forgiveness
Wrapped in love

If it’s only in our dreams
We can see each other
And be together
Then I propose we
Fall asleep
Till eternity

Your sight leaves me
Every time
I am without breath
When I hear you
I fear I might die
If ever you decide
To touch me

I have never been lucky in love
From the fool of ’97 to
The cheat of ’08
Not forgetting every
Cock, dick and hairy
In between
I have never been
Lucky in love
So I stay in lust


Finally this summer
I can smile and say
With head held high
And chest slighter higher
That I can wear a bikini
For the flabby days are gone
And my boobs are done


22 responses »

    • Yeah? Cool, thanks so much for stopping by, I enjoyed your flash friday story, very different, not what you would expect looking at that picture, made me like it more. Great thinking :”). Have a great weekend!!!

  1. The poems are beautifully written. There is an ease to your writing which is difficult to obtain even with practice which is why it is a natural talent. We hope you keep writing! Have you already released a book of poetry?

    J&L Simon

    • Thank you so much for the very generous and kind comments. I haven’t released one yet, but I want to :). It would be a dream come true…if you know of any editors or publishers I would be thrilled :). Hope you are having a lovely weekend, thanks for stopping by.

    • Ha ha at being so jealous…go ahead do it, don’t think about it just do it…think of small words that come to your mind…even pick up lines you could use on a chick and twist and turn them Lol…glad you enjoyed this. Many thanks

  2. I love shorties! (That’s what I call short poems. You probably figured it out but I always feel the need to explain. Maybe the writer in me.) Anyway, I enjoyed them all but this one captured my heart the most:

    Soaked in joy
    Washed by forgiveness
    Wrapped in love

    It’s a beautiful description of a rebirth.

    • Thank you!!! I call them short shorts lol…silly :). Thanks for stopping by and I find myself explaining everything all the time as well, so I guess we are in good company.

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