For You


Last night in my dreams
I wished upon a star
A bright and twinkling wishing star

I asked not for silver diamond or
Two toned gold
I didn’t wish for unicorns
Or sparkling rainbows

I wished for one thing that was on my heart
One thing I desire for you who reads this
That your dreams come true in the midst of life

That your dreams come true all the days of your life

* This poem is dedicated to you, yes you reading it. And to everyone who reads, follows, inspires, and supports me. I have tried to put my appreciation into words so many times…but so many times I have come up short.

They say the eyes are a mirror to the soul, and I wish you could see mine now for the speak of the gratitude and joy I feel from this forum and your love. Until one day, when life brings me your way, I hope this poem will suffice. I hope it captures if only a tiny glimpse of what I feel…I wish and pray all your dreams come true, i wish and pray only the best for you. Now and Always.*


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  1. ahhhh you are such an inspiration, not just with your writes but your love for all of humankind. hugzzzz{{{}}}

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