No Fairy Tales


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I have never been a Cinderella
No fairy godmother to make me a Princess

I have never looked like Ariel
I could never even been compared to her

I have never looked like Snow White
Or been as beautiful as Princess Aurora
Who was radiant even in her deep slumber
She became known as Sleeping Beauty

I know I am not beautiful enough to
Turn a frog into a prince

And if ever Beauty and the Beast
Were mentioned
I know I wouldn’t be Princess Belle

I am no princess
Never have
Never will be

And so I expect
No fairy tales
Where my love
And life are concerned


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  1. AH but you are the queen of your domain and all within ! Beautiful write of fantasy beauty but the beauty of your heart and words are stellar! ****~~~~***~~~**~~* hugzz(())

  2. Boomie, who needs fairy tales? This is the real world where beauty is fleeting and is only skin deep. For feara of sounding cliched, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You are a beautiful inside and out. That said, creatively, the poem is not bad at all, though it carries a defeatist look.

    • No one except the little girls and by age 7 they snap out of it lol…It truly is in the eye of the beholder, no cliches there. I wrote the poem from a creative point, when Cinderella came to mind, it carries no weight to my life or how I feel about myself :). Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Ribet, ribet! 🙂 Enjoyed this piece. My hope is that your unit of measurement when it comes to beauty isn’t the same as the one used today in our society.

    • Thank you Randall :)!!! Nah, I think I am to old now to measure beauty that way, plus the likes of me could never measure up…so I just define my own beauty by myself, society can take it or not.

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