Innate Revolution


They jailed Fela
Gani F, Soyinka
My uncle and many more
Those who dared to speak
Were subject to imprisonment
And captivity

Shackled like common thieves
And locked away in isolation
They jailed them
To shut them up
It didn’t work

They beat peaceful protesters
Standing up for their basic rights
Fighting against corruption
Greed and governmental robbery
It didn’t work

Peaceful riots were threatened
By military bullies and
Soldiers – mechanized zombies
Carrying heavy duty weapons
And steeled machineries
Innocent lives caught in the mix
Of their oppression and tyranny
It didn’t work

They beat us up physically
Battered us mentally and
Struck us emotionally
It didn’t work

They attacked our worth
And wounded our minds
To shut us down
It didn’t work

The revolution is now innate
Passed down from our forefathers
To our fathers
Given to us to continue the fight
Take back our nations
And rebuild it
That our future
Need not go through the same
Senseless brutalities

We have been passed the torch
The mantle has been given to us
And we accept with pride
The innate revolution

We will pay the price
To see Nigeria live its dreams
We will pay the price
To see Africa rise from the ash
We will see to the end of our horrors
And hellish nightmares
This time it will work

As Africa and its nations fight
Fight to take back their lands
From misfits and dictators
Small minded creatures
As her leaders


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  1. We have been passed the torch
    The mantle has been given to us
    And we accept with pride
    The innate revolution

    So powerful, truthful and agonizing BoomieBol…great piece!

  2. Beautifully and strongly said. I can feel your passion in these words. Indeed we in Ghana cry for Nigeria and would wish to see an end to the senseless violence. Thank you for this, Boomie.

    • Thank you kindly…when I write about Africa and Nigeria, there is usually so much passion inside me that I don’t think I have appropriate words to describe what I would like to convey…so getting kind feedbacks like ypurs is nice. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you my friend :). I especially treasure when I get comments on my “political and world” conscious post or rants…knowing I am especially passionate about those ones…my heart can’t stop beating when I write or decide to post them. Your comment is highly appreciated. Hugs mon amie 🙂

      • The best works are always the ones that contain a part of our souls, of our passions my friend. And a fight for our world, for our origins, still handed down by our forefathers…that is a noble cause. Keep writing this stuff! 🙂 Hugs hugs hugs

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