In My Head (For Lack Of A Better Title)


He said she hadn’t seen life enough
And so she couldn’t understand pain

She hadn’t lived enough
So how could she talk or
Write about such things

I smiled quietly and
Replayed her life
In my head

The several years of
Sickness and

The many lives and
Loves lost
In death
And wars

He continued his self-righteous
Rambling on and on

I sat still in silence
Watching and
As faces of her loved ones
Dead and long gone
Flashed before my eyes

I cried loudly on the inside
The pain was excessive
Much too unbearable
Even for me and
My stormy life

I shook my head in pity
At the arrogance and
Unfortunate ignorance
Of a man of such caliber

Knowing her experiences and
Ensuing growth were
Beyond comprehension
For a narrow- minded being
Like him


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  1. Wow! Beautiful ! I was over-whelmed, this is so true, why can’t men not understand what sacrifices have been made by women? Why can’t they stop being arrogant and proud and let the same respect embrace women as they want themselves to be embraced with.
    I feel pity on such men who can’t get the status of women, why don’t they understand that PARADISE LIES UNDER THE FEET OF MOTHERS! They have their mothers and their women is a mother too. What stuns me even more is their carefree behavior of how women have no experience so they can not possess the decision making power. Why is a WOMEN’s heart so soft that she still love the same MAN who holds such a perspective about her!
    Strange but true!
    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂
    Loved it!

    • Your comment is even more powerful and oh so true!!! I heard someone say once that ” she raises her sons to be great men, great enough to understand and know the worth of his female equal” I think society has made it so darn hard…it’s tough to be an intelligent woman without someone trying to shut you down. Still women continue to break barriers and actually surprise people around them. Thanks for taking time to comment, and glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you kindly :), have a lovely Tueday. Hugs!!!

      • That is what startles me, they give this world engineers, doctors, pilots and what not? They break the barrier THAT DAY only when they give birth to a child – NO MAN CAN DO IT ! Even ALMIGHTY decides it to be WOMAN, why not man??? Then how can they not realize??
        Any ways, this is a long debate, I am a debater too so I know cause I have been on the opposition side as well as proposition! I know they do consider in their heart how WOMAN can be a barrier , what they don’t do is EXPRESS – they are afraid if how their expression can cause them to lose their so-called dignity, with this perspective, they once again misunderstood a woman and her generosity!!

      • Your comments have inspired a poem actually…I just wrote it and it needs more work, but this honest comments and for the inspiration.

  2. ‘You are just amazing’ these were the words that rang through my mind reading your poem. And for a title, you could consider ‘Beyond Comprehension.’ For indeed, the female’s innate strength, her innate qualities, her reslience and capacity for love, as God created her is beyond comprehension. (a suggestion, you could discard it if you think otherwise) LOL!

    • I am humbled deeply by your kind comment. I had fun on your blog last night, you have a lovely family. Thanks so much for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

  3. This is pretty deep! And yes, I agree that there are too many patronizing men in this world who don’t understand or care about the value of women.

  4. I enjoyed this poem, it hit home with me. I’m so glad you mentioned ignorance here because sometimes it’s not even animosity causing a problem but ignorance. And usually ignorance does more damage.

    • Absolutely..I wrote something over the weekend abot ignorance…it’s even more destructive than we ever know, glad you enjoyed this, and manuy thanks for stopping by. Have a great evening!!!

  5. This poem made me think- according to the bible, woman was made from the rib of man yet a woman carries a man within her. So who then is the source of life, the one who from a woman is born or the one who from a man was formed? Lovely work 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind comment. It’s interesting you bring this up, one of the earlier comments inspired me to write something to the effect of your comment today. I think in the end it’s the woman…for man was put in sleep and a full formed woman was brought forth…but when a woman carries a baby it’s from the very beginning…from being almost a tiny flutter to a full being. You raise great and thought provoking points. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. I never had time for insecure men. I certainly would not have developed any kind of personal friendship with such a person. We need to push away anything that makes us feel unhappy or sad or angry. Life is far too short, as they say, to bother with such people. Avoid them and, for God’s sake, don’t hook up with one for life! 🙂 We can’t change people, but we sure as hell can walk away from them. In my opinion, we empower ourselves. Think like a man and act like a woman. I have known as many women who thought like this man. I’m outta’ there when I find one! Good description of a universal problem, Boomie.

    • Thank you for this comment. Ignorance is such a crippling disease of the mind and some people can be so judgmental…hope you had a great birthday :)?!?

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