Red Apple


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I took a bite of the red apple, its sweet juices trickling down the corner of my lips as my tongue licked them, yearning for more… memories of our sinful past flashed across my mind.

I smiled as I relieved every itty bitty wrongful image knowing I shouldn’t, yet unable to help or stop myself and without knowing it,  I closed my eyes and as I took a harder bite at my McIntosh I let out a cry… a cry small enough to be unheard, yet loud enough for my curiosity to be aroused so I retrieved the IPhone from my leather snake skin purse and sent you an image…


* This post was inspired by Dean J Baker’s poem- Strawberries. I would say check him out, but I am sure you know of his work already :)-*


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  1. You have captured my attention with your great imagery. In my mind’s eye I can not only see that apple’s juice, but really must have one now! Also, I know so well the “catching yourself smiling over some forbidden thought, so I can really relate to this piece. Keep up the most deliscious writing, I love it!

  2. Here in Britain the main alternative to an inedible apple is a PC, which here also means Police Constable. So you can love, play about with, swear at or reboot your Police Constable.

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