My Vacation


In vacation mood
Some place tropical
And pleasantly warm

No one around but
Miles and more miles
Of grainy sand and endless
Ground of clear blue waters

Nature at its best
As the cool breeze
Blows gently back and forth
Against the palm trees
Their leaves nestling in the air

I’m all settled in
Relaxed and content
With an old lover
The latest talk of the town
Every one’s current guilty pleasure
I hope the many rave reviews are right
Fifty shade of grey better be really good

Sipping my delightful libation
Cocktail more colorful than my
Sun kissed yellow and
Gold toned string bikini

My feet feel the water slowly
As my back drops and
My black satin hair
Falls softly into the sand
I close my eyes
Let this magnificence sink in

This must be what heaven feels like
Calm and quiet
Cool and serene
I am taking the gentle breeze all in
Peace and quiet

My heart soars to new heights
Right into paradise
Peace and perfection
All is quiet
All is calm

Only to be jolted back to reality
By the kids up from their 2hr- nap
“Mommy get the potty”

*A girl can surely dream*


37 responses »

    • I am thinking we should get all the cool chicks on wordpress and just go on vacation…we will sure have lots to blog about after that Lol…Thanks for stopping by

    • Lol…I am telling you they choose to wake up when my day dreams have reached the climax…gotta love them. Thanks, and I hope we all get to go on this much needed vacay soon.

      • I guess it comes with the territory of parenting. Since I don’t have kids, my job brings me back to reality whether it’s a phone ringing or a co-worker coming in to my office area. I still dream though. I was just dreaming now while reading your poem. lol

  1. I was there with you until the kids started screaming for the potty. It’s all yours!! I really have to get those fifty shades of grey, Everyone is saying it’s good. I have so many books to read and I’m falling behind with keeping up with this blog.

    • You and me both…I have heard it’s great but I read an online review yesterday when I was working on this poem, and the review said it’s overrated. Would love to read it still though. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Haha, such a beautiful thought and then back to reality, but the reality is a blessing as well 🙂
    Well, I hope you get that vacation of your dreams. I know a break is needed from the daily routine. Not rubbing it in, but I’ll soon be in the Caribbean coast myself with hopes of such a serene experience. Beautiful writing here!

    • Darn!!! Can I tage along…I can fit in your suit case I am sure and I wouldn’t be a bother in the least bit lol…yea they are a constant reminder and absolute blessings :). Have fun on your vacay.

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