I Am Alien


Image Courtesy of http://www.thirstyroots.com

They say I am alien
β€˜Cause my skin is brown
And my words are accented

They say I am alien
Since my eyes are brown
And my straightened hair
Is no good when it comes
In contact with water

They say I am alien
Because I speak another
Language, often
Think a certain way and
Dress in foreign clothes

They say I am alien
For I look nothing like them
And perhaps they are right

When they cut me
I bleed just like them
Scarlet red

When they hurt me
I cry
Saline fluids
Just like they would
If ever they shed tears

When they bruise me
I hurt just like they would
If ever they were hurt

So perhaps I am alien
But they must be some sort too


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    • I guess at the end of the day we all are. And you are right, everything in this world should be equal. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by

  1. I know you’re not saying the same thing, but your post reminded me of something: A friend said, “Your mom’s so pretty.” I said, “You’re saying that because she’s light skinned with long hair.” I’m brown with a great head of kinky hair — not to brag! She said “What happened to your hair?” I told her she was brainwashed, that she ought to read the Autobiography of Malcolm X to get conscious. I appreciate white beauty, white hair, Samoan beauty, etc., etc., and I have never felt lesser in any way. My mom’s light but conscious — I liken her to a friend who referred to his hair, not as the sick and twisted “good hair,” but as “confused hair.” I’m in another sphere, I thought everybody wanted to be black! Anyway BB — sorry I went on too long! Thanks for posting!

    • Oh I feel you absolutely. I have a friend who deals with the same issue, her older sister is really light skinned and she is dark. She doesn’t appreciate the unnecessary questions at all.

      And i enjoyed your honest response…I still had someone ask me about my hair today lol…i keep thinking people just leave the hair alone already. Gotta love full head of kinky hair :).

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about what drives people to seek the difference in an unjust way. Your are so right…we do all bleed one color. What drives hate? Is it an inward disdain turned out? Thank you for this wonderful post ~

    • Hi Angela, this is the post I was referring to when I read and commented on yours :). Yea, I wonder too…I think sometimes as humans we just look for reasons to be unfair to ourselves…I have met people of my color who think I am less than they are because my name sounds “funny” or I have an accent. I guess sometimes we just always want to be superior or repel what we don’t “know” or “understand” instead of opening our minds and eyes…thanks for stopping by Anglea.

  3. Beautiful!! Thou the lady in d pic seems to be hair day … this coming from a lady with thick kinky hair. Lol. The bleeding part reminds me of the book/movie, To Sir With Love. His white students were suprised his blood was red.

  4. Saw you on RoSy’s FB page where the title of this one interested me. (Actually, I think about you often even if I don’t get by your blog!) I enjoyed this one very much. You have only gotten better, Boomie. This is a fine poem.

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