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The race is finally done and over with…and I am sure you are wondering what race; truth is I don’t know how to even begin this post :). Ok, if you have time and want to catch up on the whole story, check out an older post-

My little twin munchkins did the first of their “many” (if I have any say in it) races today…and to say I wasn’t disappointed would be an understatement. They proved to be real toddlers runners.

I had told them weeks ahead and started prepping them by doing little runs at the gym, feeding them right, reminding them every night that they are winners…they can win this race and any other one. We even went shopping yesterday for running shoes (turned out to be too tight :(), sports bra (who knew they had those for kids), and other running gear. I mean I am a runner by blood, so these girls need to realize what blood runs in them fast right :)? Besides, if they are going to be Olympic runners, we need to get on it fast.

I am sure Michael Phelps started his swimming career from an early age, so why waste time with my own future Olympians, and if you think I am crazy at this point…you are absolutely right.

Anyhow, we all got up this morning and prepared for the race; one of them even refused to eat saying “mommy, daddy I have to run” I thought to myself “yep, she is my daughter.” We took some pictures and set out.

As with any competition I was nervous…even though I wasn’t the one running. I kept hoping, like I do with any of my own races, that no one would show up. That way I can run and win by myself but somehow there’s always that crazy runner like me who shows up, and what do you know they can run a mile in 6 minutes or less… I am not yet there by the way.

Anyhoo we got to the gym, checked in and lo and behold people showed up…really poeple?!!! Still, we did the usual stuff and I held one of the girls and asked her; “are you ready?” her response “no mommy, no wanna run anymore”

“WHAT!!!” this is the same girl that told me, “I have to run” now she doesn’t want to. I started to pray; “God please let them both do it, and win” PLEASE!!!

I was still praying when the manager of the gym, Birdie saw me and said; “ oh you know the girls are going to win. It’s in their blood, considering you, their mom is a hardcore runner.” I smiled and said “oh yea, most definitely” and whispered again, “God please let them just run, forget winning at this point.”

1 minute to the race, I went to them and told them “you just run ok, run as fast as you can to daddy, at the finish line ok”

“On your mark, get ready,set, go” everyone took off, except my lovelies, oh no…even the crawler went off in a flash past them…  Eventually, they managed to take a few steps and then stopped right in the middle…

Thankfully, that was the warm up, and they were now set for the real deal; and being the crazy running mom, I went to them again and said “this time, just move please…ok?” They just stared back at me blankly.

“Ready, everybody run” my future Olympians ran and then stopped right in the middle of the court… “No, keep running” I heard myself screaming, they just stood there, with fingers in their mouth. Ah well! at least they moved :).

My friend, Alexis’s daughter and her niece were first, and second. Alexis is a runner too, so I am certain they got the running blood from her, and so all hope is not lost as to the twins inheriting the running gene from me, plus there will be many more races for the girls to show, it RUNS in the family. I hope!!!

After all the medals were awarded, my little “no wanna run mommy” munchkin came and said, “ mommy,I wanna run;I wanna win” I took her and her twin sister around the track for a quick run and yelled winner.The smile on their faces made me glad I signed them up for this fun race.

And as per winning, there’s always another race, and still another race…I am just glad they got to experience this.


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  1. ah the lil darlins’ , they will come into their own and you will be proud Boomie, as we always are when it comes to our children. the stopping midway was so typical I had to chuckle. I love that you share their antics and little stories as mine are all grown I miss what they can get up to. hugzz(())

    • Thanks Len…It was so funny to see them just standing in the middle. I know one of them is not a fan of large crowds so I think that threw her off…but glad they had fun and an extra juice box for all the “hard work” lol. hope your weekend is going great? hugs

  2. What a bunch of cuties! A great experience for your girls to participate in and to be “just like mommy”. How proud you must be.

    I didn’t know they made sports bras for little ones either.

    • Thank you so much Oster’s mom. Yea, they sure had fun and can’t stop reminding me “mommy i run, i win” lol. Yea, I found the sport bra at Marshalls, i was shocked as well. Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely weeked, and Hugs.

    • lol…in Jordan’s mind especially she thinks she won…she woke from her nap and said, mommy did u see, i run, i win…lol. I said indeed you did. Thanks :)!!! They sure got attention as some of the organizers gave them extra juice…

  3. They are winners! This was adorable. I tell you, I don’t have children but I can relate to the competitive thing. I have two nephews that I adore. They’re four and one. I can’t go to the park with them anymore because I’m taking that ‘politics starts in the playground analogy’ too literally. I’m running after them making sure no one ‘thwarts’ them in any way. My sister says, “You can’t do that Sandee!” Haha! Good luck with the next race… They’re beauties!

    • Thank you so much…ha ha at the playground analogy, I can be like that too, but try to restrain myself. I guess at that age, you just want to protect them anyway you can. Thanks again for stopping by

  4. I have no idea why i got a little teary eyed! Must have been so sweet to at least watch them do thier first race. Better luck next time, they’ll show that they are indeed winners and being a sprinter runs in thier blood.
    Kudos B!

  5. Believe me, stopping in the middle is so cool, am sure that made the crowd laugh more.. They understand it now, better luck next time…

  6. I am having a good laugh Boomie. They are so cute and adorable; but then go easy on them. They will bring home so many awards you won’t have room for them. And mind you they may not even be Olympics, but other kinds of olympian awards. Keep them safe, dear gal!

  7. The muscles in my upper jaw are starting to ache from smiling so long and laughing so much at your fun posts, Boomie! I’m going to have to take a time out just to rest my aching muscles!


    • Ha ha ha. I tell you with those two little girls we can’t stop laughing here. Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed this one. They can’t stop saying mom we want to run, let’s hope they won’t freeze at the next race

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