Another Seductive Sunday


I pulled the blueberry cheesecake from the fridge and poured some chilled adult chocolate milk in the ice filled glasses. The mood felt right, as I waltzed my way slowly and seductively towards the stereo and my surprise guest.

Tonight was supposed to be a lonely night but a text message had changed the day’s course, now Sunday was feeling like it should again. I walked past my guest and hesitated for a brief second…as he took in the scent of my Chanel no 5. I continued slowly towards the stereo smiling mischievously,swaying my hips back and forth as naughty thoughts danced around in my head.

I pressed play on the stereo; and tilted my head back ever so gently as the sounds of Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing resonated through the room. A loud rumble somewhere out in the sky made me chuckle quietly…Rain or not, tonight there was going to be a shower…I felt his hands around my waist;and collapsed slowly into his warm embrace, as another magical Sunday began to unfold…first my neck…then…

I smile now in retrospect, as I replay the past hour or so in my head and I can’t help but whipser silently to the Heavens…thankful for another seductive Sunday.


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  1. Yeah, but it could well have been the story of you and your husband. LOL!Boomie, this is good; I like the way you linked the past to the present. A romantic and erotic remniscence. Cool!

    • Ha…he will bite my head off if ever I mentioned him or our “loving antics” lol…too private. Glad you enjoyed this :)…the power of imagination and fiction, and I am especially glad people like it cos I almost didn’t post it for fear, it might be boring or without content. Thanks mon amie, hugs

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