Let These Words


Image courtesy of http://www.travelooce.com

Let these words wash over you
Like rain washing across the earth

Let them cover you in chills from
Head to toes
As your body shivers from the passion
It finds hidden behind the words

Let these words soothe your soul
And lift your dampened spirits like
A bowl of soup on a cold and
Chilly winter night

Let them bring light into your life
Like a ray of sun through your window
On an early summer morn

Let them fill you up with excitement
As the butterflies in your tummy
Do double twists
Knowing the words appeal to them

Let these words love you
Up and down
Night and day
In and out
Round and round
Sunday through Saturday

Let these words fill the void
Of my untimely absence

Until finally I return and
Hold you warm and close
In the comfort of my warm and
Loving arms


33 responses »

  1. “Until finally I return and
    Hold you warm and close
    In the comfort of my warm and
    Loving arms”
    Beautifully expressed Boomie! Loved it!

  2. You strung the words effortlessly together like an African old lady stringing pearls of beads to adorn a virgin waist. Beautiful , Boomie, this is one of the best poems I’ve read from you. Kudos!

    • Awww…this means so much to me, thank you would know. I read your comment, earlier but was on my way out. I came up with an idea frome your comment…I wrote a poem or story shaped in a poem from it…will email it to you later…on my way out again, hoy holidays are supposed to be for rest, but they turn out to be more busy than regular days :). Phew!!!

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