For Our Country

For Our Country

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For freedom
For liberty

For the red

Our country

We salute the proud
The scarred
The fallen
The veterans

We salute
The strong men
And women
Who sacrifice daily
Our freedom
Our liberty

Our country


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    • Thank you Rosy :)!!! They did a tribute in church yesterday and as the video was playing, I started to write this. It could never do justice to what these amazing people do, but I thought to try anyways…

  1. This is nice that you wrote a poem — I’ve seen a couple of other nice posts about memorial day and the others including this made me well up with emotion, which has never happened. Every once and a while I think about these men, mostly boys who have been in wars and it really hits me. Most of them only 18 years old.

    • Thank you…they had a tribute in church yesterday and it brought this poem out of me…just like you, one of the pastors was moved to tears…you are so right so many young ones out there…at 18, I don’t think I dealt with half of what they deal with or my entire 30 something years have i seen half of what they have seen…God bless them always. Thanks always, hope you had a great holiday. Planning to start reading mean spirited tales tonight 🙂

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