Erin’s Wednesday Ritual


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After a long and hectic Wednesday of mergers, acquisitions, and financial jargons, Erin walked into her downtown loft at 6:30pm and peeled the Black Chanel power suit off slowly; to reveal the black and pink Frederick’s of Hollywood laces that had stayed hidden all day. Her voluptuous body filled them out appropriately.

She pulled her hair out of its uptight bun as she walked into her closet, waves of big black hair falling onto her well-toned back as she stepped in front of her large mirror.

Erin adjusted herself one last time, then walked into her small but well stocked bar and waited for Jamal, the black plumber who was fixing the leakage in her guest bathroom.

This had been her Wednesday ritual for the past month…


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    • Ha ha I am certain the pluming profession will be seeing an increase soon. Lol, great motto, bet Erin and her kind will be glad. Thanks for stopping by and for the follow.

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