I hear freedom is the fear of dictators
It is their nightmare
That is why they have kept us
Suppressed and under
Their ignorant mentality
And shameful corruption
For a long time

Generation after generation
We are oppressed by their
Sickening and mad rule
Their arm of evil and deceit

Young and old
Male and female
None is exempt
From their tyranny
And captivity

We have been bound and
Subject to their madness
For so long
We have been held captive
For far too long

A new kind arises
A new generation emerges
To break the yoke of their leadership
To put a complete end to the toll
Their diseased government
And ruling power
Has left on us and
The ones before us

Our minds have been opened
We are enlightened and aware
We have armed ourselves with knowledge
The opposite of their ignorance
We have surrounded ourselves with education
In our heads and in our minds

Our eyes are open
Our minds are aware
We have wisdom
We have insight

No longer will we be imprisoned
Mentally or otherwise
We break every hold
We fracture every grip
We free our minds
Our spirits and
Our bodies

We know our rights
We know our might
We have found our voice
We will use our words
We refused to stay captive
We refuse to stay under

We have found our liberty
Let our rulers begin to shake
We have found our stance
Let our leaders begin to crumble
We have found our freedom
Let evil dictators begin to fear
Their nightmares are here

*This was inspired by a post and quote I read from another blog,– “Freedom is the nightmare of dictators” I took it as “Freedom is the fear of dictators” and the words haunted me all day, I had never thought of Freedom that way…it made sense. It makes absolute sense…I wrote this from that… I hope this makes sense as much as those few words did to me…”Freedom is the nightmare of dictators” It is their fear.


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    • Thank you so much…i saw that quote and i couldn’t get it out of my head…if we find freedom, true freedom…those bastards will begin to fear us. We will leave it all on the line and take our nations back. I agree people are beginning to break the bondage…Thanks always, you know I am a big fan of yours 🙂

    • Exactly…I wrote something to that effect 2 days ago, it’s like we have seen these atrocities before…dare to be different…dare to do different…just a little bit…but alas man is too selfish for that. Baffling indeed

    • Yes, I am NIgerian. To a certain extent…my uncle was imprisoned for several years for speaking out against one of the past dictators, who died suddenly a few days or weeks before he was to execute some of the political prisoners…I think every NIgerian is impacted daily especially if you are not part of the wealthy…fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you may see it, my family is not part of that wealthy…still like every other Nigerian we are all deserving of a good life…be able to go to school, eat well, clean water, sleep with electricity, water…have great health care system in place…gas for cars especially since we are an oil producing nation…unfortunately our leaders think the money is for their personal expense…going overseas on lavish vacations…swiss accounts housing millions of dollars…giving their kids the most expensive lifestyle…while the common man’s child cannot find work after spending almost 8 yrs in college for a degree that should have taken 4…but professors go on strike because they are not paid…sorry about my ramblings…i just hurt from the injustice and unfair acts we Africans do to ourselves…

  1. The atrocities brought against humans by other humans in the name of ruling a country absolutely makes me ill. For lack of anything I can really do I will continue to pray for your country.

  2. This really moved me. I hear the passionate tone of the new truth permeating your lines. The consequence of this is huge: the Truth expressed with huge yearning and passion, yes, A SINGLE LINE,A POEM SAID IN THE RIGHT MOMENT, can change the whole structure of the old paradigm.

    Now, I am so glad I indirectly inspired you. That is again the best evidence which supports my hope to create a context of mutual inspiration and powerful cocreation.

    Tks again!

    • Thanks Julien!!! You have so many amazing quotes and posts on your blog, i dont always comment but they impact me…this particular one changed my thought process a lot. Keep up the great work and many thanks for the reblog. Thanks again for inspiring this

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