The Words Will Not Form


The words will not form
Like I need them to
Making this feel rather inadequate

When all I am trying to write
Is a polite expression
Of my heartfelt gratitude

With a prayer or two
That the new month
Warms your heart
Delights your soul
And blesses your spirit

The words would not form
Like I need them


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  1. I always have something to say. I’m just not so eloquent with my words. I guess that’s what I get for being a “non-reader” for so many years. Would you believe the 1st book I read after graduating college – other than a kid’s book to my kids – was when I was 35? I know – I hope you were sitting when you read that.

    • Lol…I laughed out loud when I read your comment. Too funny, I have been slacking on my reading as well, if only the children’s books count…just so much to do I am surrounded by piles of books waiting to be read but…bit by bit. That was funny

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