Dream On Little One: A Poem For Abby D


Dream on little one dream on
Dream on little love dream on

Dream of ponies
Dream of stories

Dream of bunnies
Dream of honey

Dream of lilies
And of mom and dad’s
Sweet kisses

Dream of toys
And it’s many joys

Dream of love
And peaceful doves

Dream of mommy
Dream of daddy

Dream on little baby dream on
Dream on little Abby dream on

*This poem was originally written 6/6/2011 for my friends’ daughter a few days after she was born. It’s her first birthday today and I asked her mom for permission to share it :).  I updated it this morning. I hope Abby approves, this one is dedicated to her. I pray she dreams big and large, and may all her big and  large dreams come true. Happy birthday Abby, many more happy and healthy years, love*


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    • Thanks Rosy, she is a little fashionista too…and of course my little twins think they are her best friends considering they want to go to her house, everytime they get in the car lol.

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