Speedy Racer


Image Courtesy of http://www.askmen.com

Speedy racer
Mr. Stunt driver
Flying past on route 72
Like it’s interstate 294
Or better yet the race tracks

Dude must have had dreams of
Being a NASCAR driver
Perhaps Formula 1

Look at him go by
He must be dreaming it now
Flying swoosh by other drivers
He’s doing 75 in a 45

Dude must be lost somewhere
In his race car dreams

Only to be jolted back to reality
By blasting sirens and flashing lights
Two female officers with $150 speeding fine


18 responses »

  1. Too many people die because of speeding- unfortunately often combined with alcohol. The thrill of speed is not worth the damage caused. There are too many stickers on motor vehicles saying ‘Touched by the Road Toll’.

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