A Call To Pray


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Tonight, I write with heaviness in my heart as tears blind my eyes and pain clouds my ability to think clearly. My heart hurts in pain and sorrow.

I got the news about the plane crash that killed 153 passengers and another 10 on ground individuals while in church and my heart sank. My younger sister sent a message that simply read “Bomb blast in Nigeria, plane crash in Nigeria 153 dead…” She said she was crying and wrote “I am sad, it is sad.”

I understood where she was coming from…Nigeria has had its share of ill luck but this was alarming to a lot of us to say the least…we didn’t know what to expect as the news continued to unfold. There was fear and anger everywhere. Apparently, the plane wasn’t supposed to fly…it was grounded…

I met with friends today and somehow…friends of friends were in the crash…a young family completely wiped out…some Nigerians who live in the US and were in Nigeria on vacation…husband of my sister’s friend was there…

I just spoke to a friend whose close family was in the plane…my heart is broken for Nigeria and the victims…their families.

I pray for peace over Nigeria…peace over this troubled land…peace…peace…peace. If you are a praying person, I implore you to please take a minute or two to say a prayer for the victims, their families…and Nigeria.

Who can say the number of days given to man?
Here today gone tomorrow
Like flowers quickly fading
Like fleeting riches
Vanishing with the air

Who can say the number of days given to man?
Who was laughing a few minutes ago
And is now colder than stone
Soon to be buried six feet under

Here this minute
Gone in the next

Who can say the number of days given to man?


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  1. This is heartbreaking. I don’t know what to say either than that I’m thinking of you and everyone else who is hurting because of this. And you all have my prayers.

  2. Your poetry is a reminder that we only have right now. This is no consolation to loved ones of those on the plane, I can imagine. I will definitely have these people in my heart tonight. I am very sorry to hear this.

  3. Boomie, my heartfelt sympathies. We received the news with shock in Ghana, especially coming just a few hours after a Nigerian cargo plane upon take off in Ghana, over shot the runway, and slammed into a commerical vehicle kiling all 11 people on board. For us in Ghana, this was a disaster quite unheard of and the nation was in despair. However, the magnittude of the news of the Nigerian crash stunned us and we wondered if God had forsaken Ghana and Nigeria. Whole families wiped out and loved ones in agony. It is just too much

    All I can say is that we must take heart and look up to our Creator. He knows best. It’s hard to find answers when none are forthcoming. but in our grief and solitude God’s voice can be audible. Keep well, Boomie.

    • Yes…I heard about the one in Ghana yesterday…truth is Nigeria has no business in the airline industry and planes flying in and out should be throughly well maintained and inspect…but greed has overcome the hearts of many…self interest, personal ambitions and downright evil. Yes God knows best and I pray he shows up soon.

      3 year old has been left orpan by the crash…a friend’s childhood friend, her husband, 4 kids, mother and cousins all gone…kids under 10 left orphaned…some whose parents were out and left the kids home came back to find a plane had crashed on their home killing their kids…ah yes, we need God to show up. My heart is hurting so much

      • I know Boomie, I am crying as I read this. Take heart, it is indeed a pointless death. But what can we say or do even? The govt has to sit up and soon!

      • They have too…enough is enough. Thanks so much Cestone, thanks so much. We are hoping and praying this is the wake up call we all need. I hope these ones didn’t die in vain

  4. I too heard this on the news and thought of you praying for lives lost and the families, praying you hadno one pesonally on the plane or ground. but oh those poor people my heart is sad for all.

    • No but friends of friends were there…my cousin’s very good friend…a friend’s husband…sad, tragic, painful. Thanks for the prayers…Nigeria sure needs them

  5. I’ve tried to forget about it. Somehow, I’m reluctant to go home in a few weeks- I don’t know what to expect. How do you react to your own heart breaking itself? Nigeria needs too many things and I’m almost tempted to believe that nothing will ever be enough…it makes my heart weep; my soul bleed.

    • I feel you Eniola…i am heartbroken because somehow i either know someone in the plane or have friends that lost close friends and family…still we cannot give up on Nigeria…for now we will seek and pray for peace while decrying the evil of our government…

  6. Reblogged this on CLINTONSPEL and commented:
    R.I.P to those that died at the dana incident. i pray that Nigeria will be a better place for we all. the news and sad event is just to make us strong. Read this and say the prayer along. indeed sad.

  7. One thing that keeps me thinking is “are we safe in the air” these days? One minute you are full of life, and the next second you are blown away like a candle in the wind. My condolences to the husband of your sister’s friend family and all other deceased.

  8. This is sad. I could feel how hurt everyone is. I’m sorry for the loss.. I’ll include everyone in my prayers.. Hugsss

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