I awake this morning thankful to be alive, yet still with pain and hurt in my heart. My phone was packed with all sorts of messages and broadcasts. Facebook was screaming with hurt and alarm over Nigeria, and the pain of yesterday. Fela Durotoye, a prominent Nigerian has coined it “Dark Sunday.” She has a note about it on her Facebook page.

So I prayed quietly by my window this morning feeling anger and pain; mixed emotions. I told God “I could strip to my bare minimum now, face to the east or west and curse our leaders for their greed, lack of security measures, unconcern for the people…the intolerable governance…the selfish and personal gains and ambitions over true government.”

“I wanted to pray that the blood of the innocent children on the flight, cry against the people who knew the plane was faulty…cry against the aviation minister…the leaders…Dana airlines to their 3rd and 4th generation…to their unborn generation.” The plane was supposed to fly back empty for goodness sakes…when did profit become more important than human lives and safety?

I could curse the Nigerian government till my lips were bruised and sore, and then continue to curse them all over. I want to…and you might wonder why? Why not?

There was a new article out about the airline and it’s faulty planes days before the crash…now our “president” has declared 3 days mourning…I say we mourn his presidency…we mourn his timid rule and nonchalant governance…bomb blasts in churches every week and he doesn’t acknowledge them…why declare mourning, when this could have been prevented.

What we need is a proactive government, not a reactive one, stupid puppet…yes, I should curse this man and his entire cabinet…their families and anyone associated with their tyranny. I want to scream painful death to them and their kinds all over…

Yet, I choose to pray for peace…peace in the hearts of all who lost their loved ones…just found out one of my cousins, (who is really like a big brother) lost one of his closest friends in the crash, I know this friend…children under age 10 lost both their parents…a 3yr old at a sleep over with friends, lost his parents…a friend lost her childhood friend, who was on the plane with her husband, 4 kids and her mother…I speak peace to the hearts of all involved…

Peace in the heart of Nigeria, peace in the hearts of the common man…peace so calming that it brings newness in the air…peace so comforting it unnerves our leaders…peace so void of human comprehension that it brings an unsettling in our leaders’ minds…peace beyond pain that it causes them to fear.

Yes, I will not curse our puppet like president or his oblivious government…I will not decry their wickedness and personal greed. Today, in this moment; I will speak peace.

May the souls of all those who died in the ill-fated Dana airplane rest in absolute peace…may their families and loved ones find comfort. May Nigeria find peace.


Arise o compatriots
Arise for your beloved

Arise and awaken in prayer
Arise and pray for Nigeria
Arise pray for hope

Hope for the many possibilities
Hope for better opportunities
Hope for the future
Hope for our children

Arise for their sake
For the generation yet unborn
For the questions they will ask
For the answers they deserve

Arise for the best is yet ahead
Arise o compatriots
Arise beloved Nigeria


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  1. It’s so frustrating to think that this tragedy could dhave been prevented. Wake up Goodluck, though I’m not a Nigerian, I’ve always maintained that the president is weak and not tackling the Boko Haram issue with firmness!

    • Cestone, you have written some truths here…I visited Nigeria during the elction year and I saw him on tv and asked who is this? reponse…presidential candidate, i laughed and said this fool is too timid…no power about his presence… he is a weakling, a disgrace to the black race and utter shame to Nigeria…a puppet at best. Every weekend, people die in churches from boko haram bomb blast and he does ignorant to speak. A complete fool, a total puppet.

  2. “When did profit become more important than human lives and safety?” When money was invented. The problem is not just greed, but people believing the worst won’t happen because it hasn’t before in their experience. We had the same kind of thing in Britain with the Herald of Free Enterprise ship disaster, totally avoidable but the safety measures would have reduced profits.


    • So true Simon…except why do we do it over and over again…when will we learn? This really hit home for a lot of us Nigerians in diaspora because so many of the victims on the plane were connected to many of us somehow…friends…college mates etc. Tragedy that could have been avoided. Thanks always for stopping by

    • Thank you for reading…been a long past 2 days…but I hope and pray it all gets better. Maybe this is the wake up we need in that part of the world.

  3. I can not say I feel your pain as intensely as you do but I feel pain and sadness that in our world now tied together so easily through technology this had to happen in the name of greed instead of the president or his transportation officer did not avail himself ofthis safety technology.
    I shall continue to pray for Nigera and it’s people and as hard as it is to imagine I will praise God for the souls he took home as now they do not have to live under such a government. Love and Peace.

    • Thank you so much Len…I have had a rough sunday and monday but it’s getting better. Thanks for the prayers, Lord knows we need them. Much love and peace always. Hugs, thanks for always being so kind

  4. A family wiped out in a day
    a family cleared out of life’s way
    Death, how greedy you are
    Death, you are never far.

    RIP my fellow Nigerians, pray for the chaos you have left behind.

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