Little Ones


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Remnants and scraps
Tossed and dirty
Unbefitting for dogs
And other animals
Yet luxury in these parts

As little ones
Thirsty and hungry
Left unattended by death
Rush at such foods for survival

Little ones
Left unattended by death
Doomed from the onset
By their birth and now death

Death of guardians and
Loved ones
Whose wish and
Cry for a better life fell to the
Ground as death stared them in the face
Heaving and sighing
They breathed their last

Little ones
Innocent and naïve
Watching in fear and confusion
As the clouds of death gather
On and around their huts
Circling crumbled roofs
Seeking a prey

A victim of Aids
Hunger or malnutrition
So it can be rid of their misery
Yet itself leaving misery behind
Never acknowledging the little ones

Little ones
Whose innocence soon will be stolen
By savages and bullies
Waiting to feed on their minds
Bodies and

Only to prepare them for death
When finally the clouds again gather
Circling round crumbled roofs


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    • Yep…unfortunately they can’t help where they are born :(…me too. I can pinch his cute cheeks all day and feed and spoil him to the max. Only God, only him understands all these things.

  1. Good stuff. Heavy and hard hitting. I remember my travels to Africa and wanting to help and feeling helpless to do enough.

  2. dang, lady, you were right…we are on the same wave-length today! I need to catch up on my blog reading, but had to stop by after your kind words, thank you so much. What is so frustrating about this is reading/watching people kill themselves here (in usa) with excess (obesity/alcohol/drugs) while reading about these poor children starving/dying because there is no clean water/food/medicine. sigh… (sorry, rant over) ~ peace ~ a

    • Yea…i really enjoyed reading your post. You took it to another level and i just loved it…i feel u, i worry so much about all these things even more so lately…just so much imbalance in our world…Thanks for stopping by Angela, have a great wednesday.

  3. a heart breaking reality. what a curse life must be for these angels. it would have been so beautiful a gesture for the rest of the world to stretch out their hands and help them.

    • Unfortunate plights for children so deserving of everything life has to offer…i guess some people do what they can, but yea it would be a beautiful gesture for the world to strecth out their hands and help them.

    • Same here…even lately i find myself questioning everything…i guess it’s all part of the many mysteries of life. I hope someday there will be answers. Thanks for stopping by always

  4. I missed reading your posts. Your new ones are very heartbreaking, but true nonetheless. I can’t help but feel like crying for the souls you’ve shared about – especially the children. Right now the most I could do is just to pray for them. And I will.

    • Yea… it honestly has been a rough week for me. I almost wrote a post last night about stepping away from this for the rest of the week, until my happy me came back…unfotunately I can’t write about jolly things when my heart is hurt…and even though i have tons of stuff on love and all that, I truly can’t bring myself to posting them knowing how i feel…i am hoping i snap out of the blues soon. Great to see you around here and thanks always for reading. I enjoyed your post, this morning.

      • Yeah, I saw you liked and commented. 😉 But hey Booms, what’s important is that you stay true. The beauty of truth always outshadows pretentious happiness. And people need to hear the reality that’s out there. Many lives are ruined, many prayers are needed. This is sad, yes, but still a great and necessary post. Mourning is inevitable, but all will be well. 🙂

      • Thank you so much…I am going to try today though and get myself out of the blah mood…like you said, all will be well. How’s the reading coming along? Hope the flood is all gone? Thanks again so much for always

      • The reading’s going well but I realized I needed a lil break now and then or else, my mind turns into jelly beans and I think of thoughts that could be from another dimension. Hahaha! Glad I escaped and now I’m back blog reading. Phew! The flood’s gone for now but there’s a little rain almost every day these days! We’re trying our best to prepare for the next big one, but until then, I refuse to worry. And no problemo there. Expect me to one of your official stalkers if you still don’t haha!

      • We wouldn’t want your mind to turn to jelly beans now. Yea worrying does no good and hopefully it wouldn’t be bad. I like beautiful and intelligent stalkers especially if I am already stalking them lol.

    • Thank you…i am all better now. It’s amazing what a little release of the mind can do…my girls also helped when I started singing to one of their songs and they screamed stop singing mommy…i couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Yea children are the best…

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