Untitled: Past Few Days


The past few days have been rough for me to say the least. The news of the ill-fated plane crash keeps unfolding and I find there were more people I was somehow connected to on the plane than I thought.

I found out yesterday, that a friend lost two of his sisters-in-law in the crash, and try as hard as I can not to let all the unfolding stories bother me, I can’t shake the thoughts or hurt off and so I find that I am stuck between migraines and a gloomy mood.

I am trying really hard to shake it all off though and focus on other things. Truth is life is hard, rough, and tough. Some of us are dealt harder than others; still we have to make the most of what we have, and our time here. If there is anything I have learnt from this tragedy; it’s that life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I am going to try really hard to get out of this “depressed” state. It doesn’t change what has happened and even though I am unhappy…it’s not helping me or anyone else for that matter.

I have been writing but it’s been from a pained view…I have poems on love and other jolly things but I would be deceiving myself if I posted such, knowing my heart wasn’t in them.

Tonight, I am going to take a deep breath and try to relax…I am not going to allow the weight of pain, evil, and or hurt pull me down.

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support on this blog, and for giving me an outlet to release my mind and thoughts. I have also received some awards over the past week or so. I will get to them as soon as possible.

Many thanks again for the constant and continued support. Have a safe and lovely evening. God bless!!!

There is much evil in the world
Try as much as we can to ignore it

There is much wickedness
And hate still exists
Even when we don’t admit it

There is darkness in humanity
Sometimes so powerful
It tries to overshadow
The best of good natures

But in the midst of terrible days
And aching perversion

I hear the cry of a new born
So innocent so pure
I hear the laughter of a child
Free and loving

And remind myself
To keep up the good fight
Be rid of all evil within
And around me
So these innocent ones have hope
For a better tomorrow



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  1. Stay strong. A beautiful poem. For me, too, seeing and hearing a child gives me hope. Although tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, tomorrow will be better.

    Thinking of you.

  2. Thinking of you Boomie. (proud that you can at least “write through it!”) Have a good evening!

    • Thank you…truth is I almost did a post last night to say I was taking time off…but this is the only “thing” i have going on for me right now so i will pull through. Thanks always and you too.

      • I think your little ones are younger than mine so doubly proud of you for taking the time to write and blog.:) (and run). Cheers to pulling through Boomie. Love your blog.

  3. Okay, Boomie Girl. Hitch up your briches and get on with it. Life sucks. It always does. Soon as you think stuff is going pretty fine, something up and dumps on it. Look at those babies and smile. You got the world right at your feet. Don’t stress over stuff you can’t do a thing about. That’s a terrible waste of energy. Chew on this tragedy like an old dog with a bone until you’ve chewed it up. But take a break to sing. Life will rob you of your creative energy if you let it. I’m sorry this happened, but it is what it is. Hugs

    • Thanks so much George…yea it is indeed what it is, and I am pulling myself out of this runt. Thanks for tough love and encouragement, I really appreciate it. More hugs, and yea watching veggie tales with the girls is helping lol

  4. As hard n difficult as it may be, d world waits for no one but keeps moving. The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, all who call in spirit n truth. The joy of the Lord is ur strength. I feel ur pain, i too have been affected by all of these going on but one thing we need is God n each other. Dnt give up till d work He has purposed u for is done. I am hugging u as tight as i can n giving u some of the will power i have. The Lord keep u dear friend. It is well.

  5. Hang in there Boomie. I can’t say don’t feel that way because it’s not easy to control feelings & emotions. I do hope for better days.
    And – that migraine is on my last nerve! I don’t like it when it visits me & I surely don’t like that it thought it was ok to visit you. Danm migraine!!!

    • Thanks Rosy…yea that migraine has been a daily visitor recently aaargh. I hope for better days too but watching veggie tales now and I am sure the giggles are about to catch me soon. Thanks always and more hugs…yea eff you migraine lol

  6. Grief takes different avenues and depression is a stage…please do not bury those feelings try to overcome it but don’t bury it as it will fester and come out when least expected . Proud of you for handling this tragedy as you have try playing with the girls in a silly game and that will lift you up for a bit…..I mean who can resist the giggles or stomach deep laughter from a precious child. Love ya (((Hugs)))

    • Thanks so much Len…I have put veggie tales on for the girls now and between them and the silly songs on veggie tales, I will be laughing hysterically in no time. Thank you so much for all the support. Love ya plenty and many more hugs

      • Hahaha =D
        This is so very special award for very special people!! Enjoy BOOMIE!!!

  7. We were talking about life today, an acquaintance and I. I yelled out, “Who’s joke is this!” He laughed in agreement. We concluded that it’s no cake walk for most of us — I’ve heard stories about people getting through some pretty hideous things. This has always been life-affirming for me, something to recall in moments of gloom — it isn’t easy I know. I think the best spiritual reassurance I got was when my father died. I used to think I’d just crumple up and die if he died, but he died and I felt more alive. I’m glad you’re continuing to express how you feel…

  8. Sometimes things happen to people both good and evil, that we don’t understand and never will. But we learn lessons and forge on. yes, grieve, but that too will come to an end. And then life goes on. Let it out and let the the migraine out. All shall pass, because there is time for everything. Shalom!

  9. the reason I love your blog is because you write from such an honest place, whatever the emotion, we get it & I appreciate that. I believe writing is cathartic for you, so keep writing it out, I’m listening.

  10. thinking of you…i know your thoughts run heavy and your soul is deep, ergo, it is the weight of the world that rest upon you. be strong, write stronger and breathe ~ peace ~ a

  11. oooh, my dear I’ soo sorry to hear. You know I never saw the news? A coworker called and asked if I was okay, then told me. I’ve also only today began to hear of people I know connected to and deeply affected my the crash. I am so sorry to hear… my condolences. Take heart, everything will be good in our country one day…

    • Amen!!! Yea, somehow a lot of people were connected to this one way or the other. Thanks so much, all will be well soon. Just felt really down considering how bad it really was and knowing it could have bee avoided. How have you been?

  12. It is truly a sad phase; The state of affairs at home is deeply saddening. Please cheer up, the departed are with the Lord. May his grace abide with us all………..

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