They Remain Here


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The traces of your “love”
And betrayal remain here

They remain here
Deep and bruised
Like scars and marks

They remain here
As remnants of a heart
Broken and shattered
Into tiny little pieces

They remain here as hurt

And though I have vowed
Never again to speak your name
The truth of your betrayal still remains
They live right here in my body and mind
The hurt still lingers in these four walls

You have made the hurt
Permanent like a tattoo

So I could never forget you


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    • Absolutely and how dare she too lol, girls can be just as guilty. But in this case focus in on the boys :). Thanks love. Got a sunday night treat posted for you lol, let me know what you think.

  1. been there… healing starts when you forgive, then you no longer dance on their string, but are free to live and love and laugh. Once you forgive, they don’t matter any more and you can get the best revenge, which is to live well.

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