I Sit Back…


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I sit back and I stare
I stare at their pictures
And I wonder

How can I help them?
How can I save them?
When they cannot save themselves

I sit back and I imagine
What can be done about
Their many unfortunate plights
The diseases and devastations
Plaguing them and their kinds
Passed down many generations

I sit back and wonder
Why their government
Is so callous and inhumane
Selfish and corrupt
Personal ambition rules their hearts

It has overtaken their mental
They offer no compassion
They have no shame

When little children
Our future is dropping to their death
Like flies and pesky bugs

Yet they pay no attention
They ignore the reality

Can they not see?
Are they so blinded
By greed and evil
The minds can no longer fathom
The sad and preventable truth around them

I sit back and I stare
I stare at their pictures
And I wonder
How I can save them
When time and again
They have been failed
By their government and
Its elected officials

How can I make a lasting
Impact and
Life altering difference?

I am still here sitting
I am still here wondering
I am still here staring
At their pictures

For I do not know what else
I can do…


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  1. Boomiebol I too wish there were something I could do. You at least bring awareness and that is so important for many of us did not know or never really thought about it. So YOU ARE doing something. god Bless my friend.

  2. The plight of these children is tragic. If I could I would save them all, but I can’t. But we do support one or two through others who have made it their mission.

    • Very kind of you, and i think it’s in these little ways that we can make a difference in our own little way. It really is a huge problem with a lot of kids affected and so it has to be a combined effort by all. Thanks for stopping by

  3. The images make one look inward and reflect on the better life we were born into vs the tragic one of poverty and starvation. How wasteful we must seem, with our craving for the latest ipad or gadget or fashion statement or automobile that costs more than most houses in third-world countries. If other beings are watching us from afar, what must they think about our ‘advanced’ cosmopolitan lifestyles, where we turn a calloused gaze away from those images and scroll to the next post?

    As some have said, it’s best to do something, even if it’s wrong, then to do nothing. Hurting is not enough, though you are right to ask – what can one do to make a difference. I often see poverty, though there’s no suffering where I live. Those images makes one weep and wish to cradle that child and ‘make it all go away’ … a few reach down and find a way through words to call the world’s attention to this great sadness.

    thank you. z

    • Thank you Z…it’s really so easy to look the other way. But these little ones deserve everything life has to offer the fortunate kids. It breaks my hearts always and i often try to do whatever i can to help, but it just seems like it’s never enough.

  4. Boomie, I am always seeing the baby from Bangladesh being stalked by the vulture. She represents the evil being perpetrated by governments against their people, but more than that, she represents the callousness of the world who walks by and even uses her suffering for personal gain. The photographer who shot this photo received worldwide attention for it and killed himself three months later, you know. I assume he could not live with what he had seen and the fact that he “stood back and watched”. Nobody knows what happened to her after he walked away. That is the way of the world that you so aptly capture in your poetry.

    • Wow!!! Very unfortunate…and you are so right. Sometimes, the ills of this world can be so overwhelming, I often wonder whats the point of it all. I guess, we just have to be able to do our own little best…shame the journalist had to do that, considering he could have made a difference like no other. Sometimes, it’s so easy to ignore these ills for fear of whatever…but the truth remains that these innocent ones are the future and it’s sad that they can’t help themselves or where and the situation into which they were born…

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    • Indeed, and I agree…we are such an englightened generation, I am hoping we can bring an end to the many ills of our socities. Thank you for stopping by always

  6. Even a hardened poetic criminal like me gets choked up at the sight of all these children suffering so unnecessarily. Forget government, this is a humanity problem; each one of us.

  7. You are doing something. By you even thinking about them, it means a lot. Some people out there, they don’t even care or even think about all these. Plus, you’re letting others know what is going around. Maybe someone out there have heard your voice through your writing, and offered a little help to them? You never know.. So don’t think that you’re doing nothing, coz you really are 🙂

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