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Annie didn’t want to disappoint her devout and religious parents, nor did she want to disobey God, but she was terribly unhappy and confused…

She had been married two years when she realized she didn’t want to be married, at least not anymore…she wanted to pursue other things like a career…travel, a higher education and more…Annie wanted to be free and without pressure, still she couldn’t walk away from her marriage for such frivolous reasons.

It was against all she was taught to believe in…so she stayed in the marriage resenting herself more and more…

Every year, Annie hoped she would fall in love with her husband again but it only got worse…she now resented him and wouldn’t let him touch her…if Tom, her husband noticed any changes, he ignored them…as long as he had sex with her ever so often; he didn’t care. It broke Annie even more than she dared to say…she was in deep distress.

Annie was beginning to lose her mind and panic. Was she going to spend the rest of her life going on in a marriage she no longer wanted? Was this just a phase? Or could her feelings and state of mind truly be justified?

She was unhappy, lonely, and terrified…she thought about running away…cheating on her husband…running away…she had no one to talk to for fear of being judged and condemned…she didn’t trust herself, her emotions, or intent…

Annie started drinking to numb the pain…occasionally at first and now heavily…she drowned herself in glasses of wine and cocktails…and hid her pain and situation from everyone around.


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      • she suffers because of a promise made. what is a promise? Words like butterflies that
        dance from our hearts and vanish when the wind blows? Or perhaps more. Is escape the only solace, or is there no beauty on any path but the one not chosen?

        because you are her creator, ( smile ), you must know her heart. So I ask because I sometimes wonder about these things. When you write well, you create questions…

      • I agree with the questions…so many possiblities for her really…i might have to look into this one more and see if i can come up with a decision for Annie 🙂

  1. Typical of many marriages today, so what next…………….. Bunmi, there must be a conclsion to this. I love how you write.

    • Thank you!!! Well I guess it’s up to the readers…should Annie keep drinking herself in misery…or take time away from the marriage and figure things out. Should she open up and just talk to someone…so many possiblities

  2. As a woman, I can definitely relate to this, a lot of women have gone through a similar situation. I have gone through it myself. When you are in the state of resentment, it is very difficult to overcome, except through prayer, and the support of your families and very faithful friends.

  3. Boomiebol, this is a sad story, but what I love about it is the honesty of truth. This speaks to someone’s heart right now because it describes them to a tee. If she can take some time alone as well as find her way to Jesus (he is near the brokenhearted already)she must seek Him. She is vulnerable and open to receive Him because she is at rock bottom and at her lowest of lows.I like the way you ended it because this leads one to seek God for the answers. Often we want an ending. Here you allow us the readers to decide our own fate.

    Thank you …more than has posted. Beautiful heartfelt truth!

    A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

  4. I will contain myself here. My opinions are strong & not nice about this type of situation. In your post – I really feel bad & sad for the wife.
    Beautiful – but sad. I’m thinking there are so many out there living like this.

  5. I have been in this situation. Looking back on it now, I don’t know what happened or why our relationship turned so sour. I didn’t resort to alcohol, but I did sacrifice so much of myself for that man. Eventually he left me, resolving the issue. It was painful and traumatic, but a valuable lesson.

  6. I have seen this situation and I am still seeing these kind of situations every now and then. It is really sad, but there’s no 100% in life isn’t it? One can’t please everyone.. Hope Annie chooses the best, and most important, I really do hope she’s a strong lady. One needs a strong mind and heart to deal this kind of situation.

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