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Toni looked at herself in the mirror for the hundredth time, and couldn’t help but smile. For the first time in her adult life, she loved what was reflecting in the mirror.

A beautiful young executive, wife and mother, Toni never felt sexy. She always wanted to be skinny, not a size zero but skinny nonetheless. She wanted to be able to wear short shorts in the summer and show off her tiny waist but her thighs were too big and her butt always seemed to be growing bigger and bigger. Toni wished she was skinny.

She had tried every exercise and work out…she had done Jenny Craig…weight watchers…herbs…yoga and Zumba and was now on P90X but the truth was; she was a curvy girl, and no amount of workouts and diets could take that away.
As Toni stood naked in front of her large mirror thoughts of weight loss and diets rushed through her perfectly formed head….she let her hair down from the bun it had been in all morning following another hectic workout, a 6 mile run and some heavy weight lifting…black and silky satin hair fell to her back…her hair complimented her brown eyes and caramel skin…Toni couldn’t help but smile…she had a full head of beautiful hair.

Her thoughts continued to wander into the world of diets, and all things skinny as Adele played softly in the background…Toni slipped on a gray and strapless bra…her brown eyes sparkled as she saw her image in the mirror…she didn’t dare acknowledge the thought lingering at the back of her mind…she slipped on her black lace underskirt…her tiny midsection seemed to speak as the diamond chain sitting on her waist shined in the dimly lit room…Toni still wouldn’t allow herself any excitement as she put a purple spaghetti strap maxi dress over her shoulders…the dress fell perfectly on her body…purple complemented her skin tone so well…

Toni looked at herself in the mirror and this time she smiled…she acknowledged her beauty…she wasn’t skinny…she wasn’t the size she wanted…but it didn’t matter…the image in the mirror was beautiful.

Toni looked at herself again and for first time embraced her curves…her bosom was perfect thanks to her bra…her waist was well accentuated thanks to the dress…and her hips and butt were in perfect proportion to her frame…Toni smiled for the hundredth time…for the first time in her adult life, she loved her reflection in the mirror.

For the first time in her life, Toni felt beautiful…she loved how the curves she never wanted made her feel…Toni felt like a WOMAN.

Standing in front of this mirror
Embracing the totality of her image
Naked and unashamed
Every bit of this reflection
Speaks a truth

No longer hiding
No longer hating
She embraces her totality
And these curves…

These curves that make her

*Based  loosely on a true story…I didn’t know from which angle to write this…I came up with this short story and poem*


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    • Yea, when i read your post from yesterday, I thought about this, cause i was writing it then…this one took a lot out of me, cos it happened to me yesterday as i was getting dressed. For the first time ever in my adult life…i embraced my beauty…it was all for about 2 minutes but for the first time i loved what i saw in the mirror…unfortunately I didnt write it down immediately and so when i was ready to write…lol well i couldnt replay the feeling like i wanted to. lol Thanks always Len for the kind and ever supportive comments. I stay grateful

  1. Love it! We must love ourselves the way we are. We come in all shapes (ok – I don’t have a shape – LOL) but – really we come in all shapes & sizes & we are a nice variety of beauties 🙂

    • LOL. No shape is still a shape Missy! LOL
      You are always so encouraging… Boomie, may I suggest you put a photo of you on this post instead? Something creative, not necessarily showing all of YOU, you know? 😀

      • LOL…at both of you. I was going to use my picture but I couldn’t find anything that was perfect for the picture…i tried really hard but found nothing so i used this instead lol

  2. I like! You’re totally an author; very realistic and brings you into the story — everyone can relate. Looking forward to your first book signing sis.

  3. good story. I like the poem too. You could maybe put the poem first? But then the story might not get read…
    Reminds me me of a poem I did too.. it took me well into my adult years to trully fell comfortable with myself, and my body. Even though i AM skinny. The skinny was what I hated. But then I have a child now, gladly no longer a size 0 (ironically), and loving me!

    • Ha mrmarymuthafuckingpoppins, your kind comment made me smile. Will have to check out the video later but i love me some Toni, her voice is so appealing :). You too

  4. You must love your body no matter how it is. Though I agree that sometimes, loving your own fat body takes a lot of chutzpah! I guess for you out there in the West, this could mean a lot. No matter, Boomie, you are a beautiful woman, both inner and outer. And your poem is beautiful. My dear, curves make a woman and that is a continental/international fact! lol!

  5. I felt a lot of positive energy from this. It’s wonderful to look in the mirror and see the beauty in you. Bravol

  6. If you are supposed to love what God loves and it is true that God loved us all enough to die for us – we have to love ourselves, especially in the sense that we think we are ugly because we are not what the culture says we should be. Exercise is about maintaining your body to be healthy – not trying to redefine your image to please people you don’t even know.

    Beautiful imagery of true beauty, indeed. Well said.


  7. This post gave me a boost for the day thank you. It is such a shame that women are so critical of their bodies whereas men ( generalizing here) don’t seem to worry much about it. I think everyone can relate to your excellent writing and I love the poem too. 🙂

  8. Beautiful! This phrase struck deep – “her perfectly formed head”! That is is where a perfectly formed body, if such a thing exists and is not just an over-hyped concept, really begins!

  9. What you wrote is the story of my life. I have done such damaging things to my body because of all the things I thought I would get as a result of having less flesh. I have gone hungry and worked out too much and too hard. I have pinched bits of my flesh with utter hatred because they just won’t go away. I remember being younger and literally circling parts of my body with a marker, like a plastic surgeon, because those were the parts that needed the most work.

    Now I have days like you described. Some days I actually like the way my curves look in the mirror. And on the days I don’t instead of hating myself, I tell myself I look fine so that I can move on with my life.

    • Yes i think as we grow more and learn to understand what really matters we can appreciate ourselves in and out.
      I must say i have pointed to parts of my body too that i thought needed major work…But the truth is, there is no perfection anywhere.
      Glad you are doing much better. Continue to take it one day at at time…your best days are ahead of you :).

      Thanks for this honest comment.

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