I think often times I can be caught up in my own world of words and talk, forgetting that action speak louder and make more of an impact. Talk can sometimes be cheap.

After the Dana plane crash in Nigeria, a friend posted a message on my high school page to raise money for one of our school mates who lost her husband in the crash. I read the message and felt compelled to do something but the truth was the message seemed geared to those who were in Nigeria…still I thought about making a difference in my own little way.

I was thinking about the young lady who lost her husband, she was my younger sister’s classmate, she has a young son…I can’t imagine what she is going through but the truth is it can happen to anyone……I felt torn and wanted to help.

I decided I was not going to just pray or think of her, I was going to turn my words and thoughts into something bigger, and so I sent a message to some of my personal friends and asked them to support me in raising money for this dear lady. I didn’t know how they would respond…they don’t know her…they might never meet her…she doesn’t know them…times are hard…everyone is going through their own little thing…

I emailed about 5 or 6 of my friends and hoped for the best. I copied my younger sister on the mail and she said..”well, nice of you but don’t you think it’s “strange”, they don’t know her.”

I agreed with her but what does it matter I thought…I was right, my friends responded and blew me away with their very generous support…we didn’t raise thousands or millions but we raised something and I am ever grateful.

Turns out some other friends in Maryland/Dc area are raising some money too, and I am sure by the time we put it all together it would be something tangible. I am very grateful to these fine women who went out of their way to show support and give out of their pockets. May they be blessed richly and always.

There is still kindness in the world…still good people and no matter how big and overwhelming the evil and darkness around us seem, we can be sure there is good lurking around somewhere. It’s in the hearts of people…in the wonders of nature…in our own selves…great good abound in many places.

Though the lives of those lost in this unimaginable tragedy are more than any monies or gifts we can give or compensation their families might receive…it is a blessing to them nonetheless in all of this mess.

Thank you to all who supported in raising some money, and may the souls of all who died in this ill-fated plane crash rest always in Heaven’s perfect bliss. Amen


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    • Thank you so much. Yes they were and made a big difference. Thanks for stopping by my blog, will be by yours later in the day to show some love :). have a wonderful Sunday and great week.

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