Our Father Our Friend

Our Father Our Friend

An open letter to my dad: To the man who loved us unashamedly in a culture where men showed little to no feelings.

Dear Dad,

Most people credit their mothers for everything they ever had, their success, and their entire lives; and rightly so I’m a mother now and I realize why. However, this note is for you.

Growing up in a society where money defined a lot of people, your love defined us.
In a culture where machismo was prevalent, you showed us what really makes a man.

You took care of us without complaint, even when it was difficult
You sacrificed in every way all that could have come your way.

You showed us your heart, you showed us your strength
And during the hard times, and it seemed like there were many of them
We saw your worries, we saw your pains, and we saw your struggles
Daddy, we saw your heart

You didn’t pretend, but you didn’t give up
And when it seemed all came crashing down
We felt your tears coming down with ours
Yet you raised your head up, and helped us pull through

You have served us with all that you have
You have given us all that you have, but amazingly you still keep giving

It must be told that you have raised healthy children
Who appreciate you more than they can show
It must be said that you are one of a kind
A fine role model and a symbol to emulate

We love you dad with all our hearts
We love you dad with all our minds
We love you dad and that is no lie
Simply put daddy we love you

Your letters and gifts are always a delight
We are all so proud to be your children
Because we know you love us without reservations

To a generation yet to come let it be told
That you dad
You are our hero
Let it be told dad
That you are our friend
Because you love us unashamedly
In the good and bad
You continue to love us without restraint
You continue to love us without fear

This one is for you dad- Our Father and Friend.

* I wrote this for my dad last year and gave it to him for father’s day…with his permission and because I have written something new for him this year I share this.
My dad always ended his many letters to us his children like this “Your Father, Your Friend.” He was that to us. If you know my dad, you will know what I am writing about. He is a rare one, humble, kind, gentle, strict, silly, loving, intelligent, and ever generous. I love him with my whole heart, and even at this age I remain his little girl.
My dad is a good man, and deserves all the great things that God has in store for him.
I have met many men and fathers, but the honest truth is my dad is one of a kind…his presence speaks love…his eyes show love…and his actions prove them.* HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADDY!!!


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    • You know it’s true Seun…I will take a bullet for that man. And so will the rest of us :). Love ya lil sis. Aren’t we blessed to have a dad like Jibs :). Hugs to infinity

  1. Oh wow! This is deep! And I can tell that you can’t find enought words to describe ur dad-da. Happy father’s day to him! Awwww!

    • Thanks Funmi….I really do not have the words, but I pray i have the actions to show my sincere appreciation to this man, who gave everything for his big headed children lol. Thanks love

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I remember him from way back in boarding house. He used to come around a lot. You have an amazing dad. In an environment where men don’t show affection, he was different. I can’t remember the scenario but i remember Seun saying something to your dad and someone said ” I can’t talk to my dad like that”. She meant she could not be that free with her dad.I wish him many more years.

    • Thank you, I am very sure that happened, knowing a lot of people have said the same thing to me, i tell people he baby sits and changes diapers if necessary and they are surprised. Lol. Amen to the prayers

  3. What a beautifully written tribute to your father. I am so glad to see you cherish him as he cherishes you and your siblings. Love him with all you have my friend for when he is gone …well God willing that won’t be for many many years. ((Hugs))

  4. BoomieBol, the letter is filled with great amounts of love and admiration. It touched our hearts and we cannot imagine how the letter this year can be any better than this one but we have read your work and we know it can be. Your father must be very proud of you and we are very proud of him! Great fathers are all over and they should be recognized, appreciated and loved! Happy Fathers’ Day to him from us!!!

    • Thank you so much, will be sure to pass the message along. He really is a great man, who continues to give of himself even now in his seventies. I appreciate this generous and kind comment.

  5. when the nest is full of love from strength, the little songbirds can find the courage to soar.

    your father has been a blessing that touches generations.

  6. It is wonderful that your father stayed true to himself, remained his own man (so to speak) to share his love in such a way. Your character is a testament…peace ~

  7. So beautifully expressed. I won’t say love your daddy while you have him, because it is quite obvious that you are doing just that and that he has earned every bit of that love and honor! I too had an amazing earthly daddy and his is the hug that I miss the most on this side and the one I look forward to receiving on that day!! Bless you my sister.

  8. So true, pure and beautiful. It’s a great privilege to able to celebrate our fathers and the wonderful men in our lives. Girl you’re loaded.

  9. What a beautiful tribute from a wonderful daughter. I feel the love and the respect–no, it is far more than respect–I feel the admiration you have for this man. He sounds like the kind of man I would be proud to call my friend.

    Thank you for sharing these delightful glimpses into who you and your father are.


    • Thank you so much for this very generous comment. He sure is a good guy and spoiler of his daughters :). I sincerely appreciate this kind comment. God bless

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