Finish this story…

I smiled to see how roomy the inside of the tree was, it was surprisingly large just like he had said. It had a cute whimsical table and chair, the kind you would see in a Tim Burton movie, with quite a delectable spread on it.

I couldn’t wait to dig into all the delicacies…I reached for the scrumptious looking cherry tart, unable to resist its aroma and look, and as I touched it hungrily, he smacked my dainty hands off. I was taken by surprise…

He looked me square in the eyes and said gently yet quiet firmly enough for me to obey…“Grace first my dear.” I closed my eyes and smiled, as this little and strange but very well-mannered squirrel said grace in the squeakiest and most intriguing voice…“Bless this food oh Lord…”

*This was written for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday…check out her website for more details-*


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  1. Heheh! never expected a squirel, (though I probably should have). Imagining now that when squirrels hold up their nuts like they do – they’re probably saying grace first..! Hehe.

    I’ll check this out. Love challenges… – “No, I don’t already have enough to do on WP.”

    • He he he…Yea, i saw the post and immediately wrote the story in her comment section. Then I went back and copied it..and added a few bits and tits to make this :). Lol…you have your hands full but i am sure you can manage this lol. How are you, and that handsome lil man?

    • Ha ha ha SCB and her desserts :). Me too i love how they look and smell, sometimes i go into cupcake shops and buy dozens not to eat but just admire and then share…crazy right lol. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. C’est quoi squirrel?
    J’aime bien l’idée d’entrer dans un arbre.
    Quand je suis allée au Sénégal j’ai vu un grand baobab dans lequel on enterrait les griots avants (des gens qui chantent des louanges, font passer des messages, etc)

      • Merci pour ta répponse.
        Je ne suis pas sénégalaise mais j’ai de la famille là-bas.
        Je suis juste allée en vacances et j’ai beaucoup aimé. J’ai hâte d’y retourner.
        Je te le conseille.

  3. We think alike! When I found this image prompt, I thought of Tim Burton as well! Of course I also thought of Alice in WOnderland too =) Lovely contribution to FWF! Happy you decided to join us and I do hope you will be back this Friday! =) xox

    • Wow that’s a nice compliment Kellie, thanks. Yea Alice in wonderland and Tim Burton were written all over the picture to me lol. Yes, i will try to be back again :). Thanks for stopping by

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