Simply Put- 200


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With no expectations
And without much thought
Except the need
Urge and heart gripping desire to find myself
I set out on this journey
Impromptu and with little thought
I joined wordpress 2/17/12
With no expectations whatsoever

I have been reading my posts over the past few days
In preparation for my 200th post
From the very first one- My Affair
To my most recent- Damsel Fly

I dare say this has been an amazing journey
One of growth, self-discovery, passion, and
No doubt fun

I have grown a lot in more ways than one
Facing personal truths like never before
Inspiring myself to move out of my stagnant comfort zone
Pushing the limits as I test new waters
Opening myself up honestly
And like never before
Enlightening my mind
Becoming more aware
Finding my purpose
More importantly finding myself

I like what I am finding
I enjoy what I continue to find

I remain always a work in progress
Learning honesty
Pursuing passion
Embracing my truths
However frightful and shockingly honest
Trying to live more than ever in love
Allowing it to rule my every step
And thought process
Taking all of this “success” humbly
Cherishing everything

I wish to God you would see my heart
It soars in delight
From your support and words
I remain humble
Ever grateful

If ever I decide to walk away from this today
I would do so with my head held high
Knowing I did what I didn’t think I could
At a very tough time in my life

I never have words to show appreciation
But if you have learnt anything about me
Then you would know my heart tries to be true
I am ever grateful and indebted to you for your generous support

I have written more words than I wanted to write
And if you have made it this far
Or don’t know what I am trying to say…

Simply put- it’s thank you
I remain ever humble
Always grateful for this opportunity
And the chance to share my heart…

Always with love
Boomie Bol



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  1. it is your sincerity, your truth, your graciousness you give to this space unabashedly that appealed to me; keeps me reading you everyday. I thank you for it. congratulations & keep going 😉

  2. It really is pretty wonderful what writing can do for us. And how we are able to connect with it. It is cathartic and inclusive at once when it is shared. And congratulations on reaching 200! That is amazing! 🙂

  3. Your poem is absolutely beautiful. And as a new reader of your blog, it has shown me a lot about you and your heart. I look forward to reading the next 200 posts.

  4. awww!!! congrats darl!!!…. looking forward to your 2000th post!….. hugs n kisses…. i am truly inspired…. thanks for letting us all in…. 🙂

  5. Beautiful words! Congrats on your 200th post! May many more posts comes. I love your writing! and I know many others out there loves your writing too! Thank you for writing, and sharing your lovely stories and beautiful poems! I am glad to be a follower of yours 🙂

  6. You are welcome. Thank you for sharing your passion, your heart, your truth, your love with us. It is truly inspiring from one writer to another.

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