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There are many important issues in our world today, the economy, education, war, poverty and many more. Somehow despite the diversity of all these issues, they all have one thing in common- The Future.

In my opinion, the future is not just tomorrow or 2020 no, it is more importantly our children, their generation. So it is necessary to raise them right and properly.

We all know the world is a scary place, but if we can join together to share our experiences, encourage and support these ones; it is my belief that we are off to a great start in building a better future. We can empower them.

Often times than not we want our children to do better, live better and not make some of the mistakes we have made. We want to protect them, we want them to know love and grow up healthy and stable; and while society can sometimes be such a negative influence, we can come together and do our own part to help the next generation follow the right path.  You might be wondering where I am going with all of  this, well wonder no more.

My friend Nkem of  and  has come up with a platform where we can encourage the next generation. Share stories, experiences and other things that can help these ones stay on the right path. From stories to videos, poems, essays and many others we can use our abilities and talents to make a difference.

Our children face a great deal every day from bullying (cyber or otherwise), to self-image issues and many others. By sharing stories (non-fiction or otherwise), we can help them, show them hope, strength, and encouragement. We can support them.

So the aim of my post today is to implore you to visit this project and site-  and see what’s going on there. The website and Nkem, the creator has more details than I could ever put in a post.

You can also contact her on the website for details on how to contribute; I can assure you it will be worth your while. She has re launched the site and is looking for contributors and fresh ideas. Please stop by and show your support, you never know how you can make a difference.

As part of the new approach to the site, Nkem so graciously reached out to me and asked that I write something for this amazing project; it’s featured on the website today, titled “For Our Children” .

Please stop by and go back often, share and recommend to anyone who might be interested.Introduce a youth to this site, it would do them a great deal of good. There will also be something new and exciting ranging from articles to eye opening discussions regularly.

Thank you as always for your support and I end this post with’s mission statement- To provide opportunities that take you on an imaginative journey, make sense of experience, and share your story with the world”

Thank you

Boomie Bol

On behalf of

 *Please stop by this site and like, comment, retweet, share, recommend and visit often. Thank you*


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    • Ha ha, you are too kind. Thanks for the amazing opportunity. Hopefeully we can drive people over to this great project and have them support this work. Well done!!!

  1. This makes my heart dance! What a wonderful idea! I do not normally do this, but in light of the topic and my recent meltdown about wanting to protect my child the other day, I will share this post from my other blog.

    This project gives me hope, and a positive focus for my children. They are still quite young, but for them to have a future online community like this fills me with excitement. The thought of being able to use this as a resource to help guide them is great, just great.

    I tip my hat and say, “Excellent!” Count me in!

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