Miss Peacock


Turning slowly
Round and

Giving you the very best
Each and
Every turn

Like a graceful ballerina
Elegant and beautiful
Little Miss Peacock lived up to her name

Very proud she was
Head raised high and up
Never avoiding eye contact
Showing off her elegant beauty

She wanted you to look
She almost dared you to look
Stopping the toughest of humans
Dead in their zoo sighting tracks

Round and
Round she turned
Making all the kids scream
From laughter and sheer delight
Everyone wanting to look
Cameras flashing left and right
Phones in hand to record this exhibit

She was a sight to see

And poor Mr. Baboon
It was he we had all come to see
He couldn’t get a peep

No not even one
With this beauty
On display
In front of his rocky home


28 responses »

  1. Have always loved the peacock and its showy feathers until I heard them then I realized that the woman screaming (and I had called the police because I thought she was being killed) was a neighbors new pet peacocks. Couldn’t see them for they had put up an 8 foot wood fence.

    • Your comment made me laugh in a good way because this peacock did the same thing…after putting on its majestic show, it screeched and screamed loudly lol. Such show offs they are. Hope you are having a great and relaxing weekend

  2. Yeah, the peacock’s display of feathers is one of those male strutting around things. And they screech loudly. And I don’t think they have a clue to what they’re doing. Or why. Or anything. But they sure are beautiful.

  3. This is delightful, Boomie! Hahaha. I always loved poems that tell stories. Well, they all do, but this one tells stories children could understand. Bah, that’s the kid inside me again. Nonetheless, wonderful! 😀

    • Thank you so much :). I wish my girls would agree with you. I read a few of my children’s poems to them once, one of them said “mommy we like, now goosey goosey gander” LOl. Glad the kid in you approves. Hugs

      • Nice! But as someone else pointed out in passing, the showy, colourful one is the male peacock. The females are duller-coloured and don’t show off.

      • Oops! I didn’t know that lol. Guess it’s true then that men are more of a showoff than women :). I will see about correcting this…funny enough when I put the picture on my facebook page, i wrote Mr. Peacock not that i knew it was male. Thanks for this.

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