A Massage


Image courtesy of www,google.com

This hot Sunday night
A deep tissue massage
A calm and soothing stroke
Or a rub down of some sort
My back kneaded like dough
Is what I desire
As I sip a cold drink or two
After that long and sticky run


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  1. Yay, boomie…rock on, lady! You know, Chicago was my bucket marathon when I took up running about 8 years ago. Sadly, I over did it training for Des Moines, and between injury/burn out, I don’t log major miles anymore. Your post took me back, though…the nerves, the build-up, the power of crossing the finish line. Props to you and CONGRATS! ~

  2. I like this. I suppose my equivalent is a pint of real ale, a cup of tea anda splash of cold water in the face followed by a lie on the bed after a day’s hard upland walking with full pack.

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