Impossible Is Nothing!



I had so many excuses reasons why I shouldn’t have done this race, and so the week leading up to it, I was a nervous wreck. I hid it quiet well but on the inside I worried constantly. I kept trying to find things that would inspire me.

This is not the longest run I have done…15miles is my longest, but that was as a regular run, not a race. Somehow races are different. The course is different, there is the crowd factor (be it for good or bad), there is weather, and all other things. Plus you pay to do this things…this is not the economy to be wasteful, that’s for sure. Money can be a great motivator sometimes :).

I didn’t know if I could do this; I tried pumping myself up every day, writing notes to myself, reassuring myself I could. I get nervous about every race but this was different. Here is why;

1. It was on a Sunday. I never run or work out on Sundays. What a lame excuse or reason right? Well to me it doesn’t seem so. I figure Sundays will be my days off.

2. I like to do my races alone…no peer pressure, none needed. This race was suggested by a friend…I didn’t know if it was a great idea because I didn’t know how it would benefit either of us. I felt knowing I was there with a friend would put more pressure on me.

I was wrong. It didn’t put any pressure, in fact it helped tremendously. Knowing my friend was in the race gave me a boost and also helped me start right. Usually I start my races very fast, but she told us to start at the 10 minute per mile mark…I think it helped me stay the course, considering I wasn’t tired for a long while.

3. I had injuries. Yea, this was the biggest reason or excuse…my right knee was bruised and very sore from running hilly courses over the past weeks. This year, I think I have accumulated more miles than ever in my almost 8 years of running. My left ankle was hurting as well. By mile 8 though my ankle seemed done…I was in pain. I pushed through and kept reminding myself “this is for mommy; you can do it.” I recited Philippians 4:13 over and over “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The people cheering us on were amazing supports…reading their banners and signs made me smile from time to time. One read “It’s just a 5K, with a 10 mile warm up.”

Moi strectching after the race. Toyin thought this was sexy…don’t ask why

4. My nerves messed with me the whole week…I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I was sick to my stomach every time I thought of the race…it was all the way in the city. I would have to stay in the hotel…spend more money. Excuses, excuses, excuses!!! The hotel was wonderful…softest bed ever. Sunday morning, I was surprisingly calm…great atmosphere…great crowd…women of all colors, shapes, races, and sizes…a sisterhood of sort.

5. I still don’t acknowledge don’t know my own strength. If there is anything I learnt in this race, it’s that I can do whatever I set my mind up to do. Impossible is nothing! I wanted to finish this race in 2hrs 30 minutes…I finished in 2hrs 32minutes…not bad I think.
I finished well, and in one piece.I am very glad I did this race…I am not ready for the Olympics quiet yet…but perhaps I am not not ready for the Chicago marathon…Impossible is nothing! If you can see it, I think you can achieve it. What do you see for yourself? You can achieve it.

We took pictures with these amazing ladies wearing tutus…they had killer legs :).

Every excuse or reason turned out to be a blessing of sorts…though my knees are aching; I know they will be fine. Special shout out to my dear friend Toyin for this one, thanks for keeping me moving.

Toyin, a yoga lover strecching after the race. This chick is very bendy…


Mom, this race was for you. Keep resting in peace!!!

Overwiew from the where we started


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  1. How do you run for 15 miles? I like to use the excuse that I’m a sprinter so 2 miles is my max, which hasn’t happened in years. I’m so impressed by all of you who are distance runners! Congratulations! I’m glad you did it! 🙂

    • Lol…and many thanks. You know the first time i think i was high …cos even afterwards i still felt like going but i knew i was pushing it. There are days though that i can barely manage 1 mile. Thanks so much

  2. Great job Bunmi. You’ve motivated me to get that 2nd half marathon out of the way before the end of this year. That would make them 3 years apart.

      • Actually, that’s the same one I did almost 3 years ago. It was nice running right on Lake Shore drive. We’ll see. Hope to be ready to run one around that time of the year.

    • Truth moment, it wad done with you in kind cause you asked to see pictures yesterday and I thought it was pretty cool of you :). Was just reading mean spirited tales, love Mona’s Spawn. And “kill her” was really good. Glad I got it.

  3. Thanks Bunmi, very inspiring not just for the tracks but in other aspects of life, The word IMPOSSIBLE actually means I’M POSSIBLE

    • Yea the ladies in tutu looked really good. Got a picture of them alone, but sent it to a blogger who blogs about people running in costumes :). They had killer lovely legs too lol Thank you

  4. Congrats, dear Boomie. You are just amazing. Never run in my life (well apart from a few tries in high school after which I stopped deceiving myself and became an avid cheerleader) You’ve inspired me. Now I wll walk. That I can do. Hope your knees get back in shape soon

    • Walking is not bad at all trust me :). Thanks so much, yea they feel better but i haven’t run since Sunday…will try running tomorrow or thursday Lord willing

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