Modern ills


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How dark the heart of man
When evil overtakes it
Causing him to be outside of himself

How evil the thoughts of mankind
That he becomes so unrecognizable
He brings devastation to others
Destroying the future of an innocent
When their lives haven’t even taken off

How cruel and barbaric we have become
The human race turning on itself
Violence and wars
Famine and outlandish greed
Pain inflicting corruption
A tragic shame

How blind we are to our own truths
For when we hurt one
We hurt all

When we disrespect women
We disrespect our core
Our very source of life
And existence
An outrage to life

When we harm men
We undo ourselves
Leaving no room for role models

How horrific the many crimes
Against innocents

The very essence of the future
How disastrous and abominable
When we afflict them
We taint our future
Stealing childhood
And youth

Innocence and purity
Destroyed so easily

The maddening cycle continues
We pollute our environment
Harm the very world that houses us
No regard for nature
No esteem for humanity

How truly sad the heart of man
When it is overcome by evil

It can no longer see itself


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    • Thank you and oh so true…i often wish that for just a day all could be right with the world…no child would go to bed hungry…no domestic violence…nations at peace…no gang violence…no child abuse or incest…no hate…just for a day.

  1. Resounds with truth, I especially like the line “How blind we are to our own truths
    For when we hurt one
    We hurt all”
    If only we could see this.

  2. I just have to tell you that this poem of yours, it has so impressed me.
    It is such a beautifully written and considered piece of writing.

    Would you mind if I reblogged it? For it describes so well my views of the world
    Thankyou for sharing this, Elyn♡

  3. Reblogged this on pensées sans frontières and commented:
    I read this poem on my Reader this morning, and was so impressed by the way this wonderful Poet expressed her feelings. And I so identified with all that she says, I just had to reblog. Check out her blog, this is a Woman of Talent!
    ThankYou, Boomie Bol ❀✿❀

    • Astounding is indeed the word…thank you. If we could only channel the capabilities of our mind to something more positive, the world would sure be a better place

  4. Sad truth… evil lurks everywhere…. there is a strong need to guard our hearts…..i appreciate the end……….”it can no longer see itself”

  5. Makes one take pause… very strong and powerful message here. If only people realized that we are really collective energy – and not separate. Wonderful post!! Thanks for your meaningful expression here ~RL

  6. I hear you Boomibol! ” No esteem for humanity” is what I perceive every day and it seems to be getting worse. Will it ever get better? I am not very optimistic sadly 😦

    • I agree with you…one can only hope. I keep thinking this generation is enlightened and should be able to do better, but i think despite all the awareness and new found knowledge, we are the worst offenders…such a shame and very sad.

  7. Oh my goodness, this is awesome! I was sick for a few days and am sorry to have missed it, but now I am back, travelling through, and have to let you know how much I love this one. How when we disrespect women we disrespect our own core, and when we disrespect men we leave no room for role models. All of it. Important poem Boomie. Thank you!

    • Hope you are feeeling much better ? Thank so much for this comment…usually when i post things of this nature, i am not sure how readers will react, but it is the sad truth of our society. As much as we have become so enlightened and more aware, in my humble opinion we have become worse in our morals…there is no little to no value for humanity. Glad you enjoyed this one.

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