Magical Land


Welcome back to Free Write Friday! If you are new, feel free to read the intro. Otherwise, let’s get started! Here is your FWF prompt… I know this prompt is for fridays but hey…This time I came up with a short story and a poem, and if you have a minute or two please tell me which you prefer. As always feel free to crtitique, and join in. Thank you!


“And to think they all thought the lion was king…well not around here, and most definitely not tonight” Kami the Tiger thought to himself. He was in charge in this magical land, and that pleased him so. Even the clouds had gathered to pay him homage…yes he was king.

He looked around at all the animals in the swamp…the little creatures gathered around even as Peter the little boy who had saved them from the humans shined a light…he was content, though his mind raced…

He knew he would have to fight for this magical land to remain as such; but in this moment he was king and nothing would take that or this land from him…

The green trees whistled as if in agreement…Kami gave a resounding roar…the magical land, his beautiful kingdom was alive.

All hail Kami the Tiger, All hail Kami the king!


On quiet nights
When clouds overshadow earth
Darkness creeps in silently
Like a thief in the night

A kingdom
So magical and full of dream
With strange like fantasies
Come alive

Lord Kami the tiger
Is ruler of this land

The clouds gather
To acknowledge his lordship
The trees with leaves green and alive
Hum sweetly
Swaying softly to pay homage

Little creatures seen only with inner eyes
Stand in silent awe and respect
Wishes and fantasies blazing in their eyes

Lord Kami stands strong in his stride
Another nightly counsel
Is about to take place

I little boy
Dreamer stand as knight
Guarding this land with a light
And my man like might…

Even if only in my sleepy dreams


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  1. I am partial to the short story. The feel I have of it is that it is a children’s story and that it should be surrounded by beautiful pictures 🙂

  2. Thank you for the comment on mine as I always enjoy knowing what others think. I enjoyed the story and the poem and look forward to finding more gems on your page, of course I’ll have to go find the meaning of ‘very wild fantasies’…. hehe. Thank you for sharing. Charles

  3. Really good work, I like both pieces, your prose was really poetical, and your poem..well that was just splendid. Just one question to ask, is the little boy , Peter, you mention in the story a reference to Peter from Peter and the wolf?

    • Thank you so much :). No, I don’t even think i know that story or book lol…i just found the name peter very appropriate for magical stories :). But this morning, when i was editing it, i thought about Peter pan. Will have to check that story out

      • Funny you talk about Peter Pan my blog update today was based on the Peter Pan Complex :). Also I was just wondering about Peter and the Wolf because I worked on a project this year about wolves and I adamant officially in love with the characters 🙂

  4. Your imagination is astounding! I like them both; however, to me, the poem is more dreamlike. I feel I can see the tiger’s thoughts and feel the emotion. Wow, Boomie! Awesome.

    • Thank you so much :). I am blushing and grinning all at the same time. I think the poem is the winner. I wrote the short story first with the picture in front of me…then on satuday while in the car, the poem came so I wrote it and decided to share both. Glad you enjoyed them.

  5. The poem is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! i love this part…
    “The clouds gather
    To acknowledge his lordship
    The trees with leaves green and alive
    Hum sweetly
    Swaying softly to pay homage”

    …so lulling and visual! Excellent contribution to FWF! Thank you.

  6. Boomie both are stunning…never have i had so much difficulty choosing…what a brilliant story…but if i had to i would pick has more flavours….
    What a lovely story teller you are
    big hugs 🙂

  7. I love both, they definitely keep the reader involved but somehow I prefer the poem……..”the leaves swaying softly to pay homage”……magical! 🙂

      • If I may add, dear writer and poet, I feel the story carries tremendous power. It is as powerful as the poem, indeed. Only the poem is longer and has a rhythmical feel so it brings a different power. But, in my humble opinion, not MORE power. Your stories are fascinating and always leave me wanting to read further. Keep up the great work!

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