Red Lips


At 13, her lips were full and scarlet red. The perfect lips for her angelic face, even mother thought on several occasions that she had red lipsticks on…but not her, her lips were natural, no enhancements, and no make ups.

If only she had known that a lifetime of kissing and making out with frogs who could never be princes would leave her lips busted, pale and bruised, Angelina would have kept her lips to herself.

Now it’s too late for her red and full lips were now thin and dark. Darker than a chain smoker’s lips.


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    • Thank you so much SCB…i get like that too when i read some posts and i always feel like expressing exactly the reaction in my comments lol. Hope you had a great week?!

    • LOL Yemi, you know it was when i edited it this morning that i included a name, then reading your comment i laughed and thought oh Angelina Jolie has the “nice” lips right lol.

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