The Gift


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It can be the hardest
It is often the toughest
It can also be the best gift
To give others
And oneself

It is a gift worth giving
A gift worth receiving
Time and time again

It is the gift to give
It is the gift to have

It is the gift to choose


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  1. I think I wasn’t given much of a supply. I know…
    …But – I do tend to just move on. For me separation works best. Again – I know…

    • Oh nothing wrong with that…there are times even after forgiveness when separation is the next step. I just always encourage not holding any grudge or unforgiveness and then it’s bye bye and be gone if necessary :). Lol at “I know” twice

  2. Thanks for this…. Yes…. sounds easy and sometimes very difficult…..i guess its best to just keep trying…… i try…. 😦

    • Oh it is so difficult, for me what worst is forgiving myself sometimes, but like you said, we have to try. Glad you enjoyed it and many thanks for reading

    • Oh thank you so much. I love your work, the amazing make ups…i don’t wear make up, and don’t know how to apply them…but i love seeing people who can work them right. You do such an amzing job from the pictures i have seen

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