Public Declaration


I didn’t want to do this, but I have been left with no choice. It seems a few people have a crush on my man, and that is alright. However a fellow blogger went as far as to clamining him as hers, I will not mention names but 3teensmom, you know yourself.

Dear followers, and readers could you please go on her blog and leave scratcth marks, oh I meant likes and comments :). I didn’t want to do a public declaration but she has left me no choice. So I have decided to come out once and for all. I am in love with the fantastic, huber sexy, versatile, talented, did I say huber sexy, and smoking hot Mr. Johnny Depp. Yes, I know I am crazy. My doctors think so too…I told them to bite me :).

In my opinion, Johnny (I like how I say and write his name), very smooth and velevety is one of the most, if not the most talented actor of our time. I am also his future baby mama… I am not crazy, no not at all. However I must say that I haven’t taken my medications today :). I have a mind disturbing blowing affection and desire for this man. I also have the mind to do things to him :). I am going to keep it clean on paper, but not in my head LOL!

I have written quite a few things for my crush love, but I will share the PG one today. Here it is…I have have a maid of honor ready- the lovely and talented Rosy. So 3teensmom your move!!! Johnny, I heart you :).  Here is a first of many poems for you…

My future baby daddy- courtesy of

If no not if
When I finally I meet you
I will not scream or shake
No not at all

I will not be intimidated
Or beg for an autograph
And a picture
I will not plant a big wet and juicy one
On you
No I will not

I will not ask for anything
Perhaps for fear of making a fool of myself
Or even worse irritating you

When finally I meet you
I will not imagine you and I…

Oh who am I kidding
When finally I meet you
Johnny Depp
I will scream at the top of my lungs
And ask you to “marry me”
Moments before I touch you
Then pass out

Just be sure to leave
An autographed picture
And maybe a phone number
With the paramedics…

I LOVE YOU- Image courtesy of


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    • I know…I should be ashamed but between you and I, I am not 🙂 Lol. He is such a fine actor. Thanks Audrina. I will make you one of the bridesmaid if you want 🙂

  1. Mrs Depp … Keep wishing sis, you just never know!

    I like the freedom on this blog…. It is liberating 🙂

    • Ha yes and if you are nice to me i will make you a bridesmaid :). Yea, on this blog…it’s no holds barred…the real world is too serious…can we at least make believe it is not in another way :). Thanks love

    • Yea, it’s such a shame in that regard, even when they try to live their lives not so publicly. Some manage to do it well…but it hard and rare. Thanks so much for stopping by

  2. I too love me some Johnny Depp. If I ever get the chance to meet him, I will be sure to share with you. I would love to hear just once sentence. Just one damn sentence. Gah! Giggle.

  3. LMAO! You know it! As your maid of honor – I will guard all entrances to keep 3teensmom out of the ceremony until you & Johnny exchange your “I Dos.” After that – we cool 😉
    I’d even partake in a drink or two with her!

  4. You my dear are a real hoot and I do not need to be a bridesmaid or maid of Honor I just want to see( and of course have her back) rosy take care of 3teensmom ! Oh I wouldn’t mind catching the bouquet…for my secret love and I.

  5. Johnny better watch out, ‘cuz I’ll bet that what Boomie wants, Boomie gets! “Boomie and Johnny” does have a kinda nice ring to it. Ring? Did someone say ring? It’s a bit early in the relationship doncha think? Nah! Go for it. “Boomie and Johnny” sounds like a good name for a song!

    Good luck, Johnny! You’re days as a single guy maybe numbered!


    • Ah yes!!! You are definitely invited to the wedding :). I like the sound of Boomie and Johnny too…a little flavor in his life lol. Thanks so much for playing along with me on this silliness, and yes his single days are very numbered. Now if only i knew how to find him. Have a great weekend.

  6. Believe me, your husband beats him. LOL 😀
    These actors never charmed me so you can count on me as an exception, still a great hilarious post!! Insanely crazy!

    • Oh J, you know i love you but Johnny is mine, if he has a younger brother, he’s all yours lol…at loving him even if he’s older than your daddy too funny.

  7. Boomie consider Me in, in any kind of security ( read evil) plan you have for future, Depp is all yours..
    no one and i mean no one else can have my friends man….i will cast real bad spells and they will be in Hindi so before your enemies can google translate them, spells will start working.

    what a fun goodness….. hey people Depp is Boomie’s..there i said it

  8. No Way . . . He’s mine!
    That dark brooding persona, and slightly feminine ways.
    He’s mine, ALL MINE I say!!! 😉

    • Oh atryelf…you know i love you so…but i can’t no way no how. Johnny has me written all over him. Dark persona slightly feminine…just perfect :). I am going to have to add you to the list of people not invited to our wedding lol. Thanks for stopping by always :).

    • Yea Skeet actually looks like him…but Johnny is the original, i give Skeet to all those other people trying to take my man lol. Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend. Nothing too extreme now 🙂

      • = ) me too, i wonder if u’ve seen this Oprah episode where, she treated her fans club of Johnny Depp’ Day? Oh, tons of them gone crazy! = ) on your writing, that was so unique, bubbly, a little exciting = ) knowing u are talking of YOUR Johnny = )

      • Oh I saw it and wished I was there. Not a big watcher of Oprah’s shows but I saw that one cos of Johnny lol. Thanks Aina, have a great weekend!

  9. Leave your number and autographed photo with the paramedics — priceless! Just saw Dark Shadows with him in it. The movie was panned but I found it rather entertaining. If you want to see you sexy future baby daddy as a vampire check it out. Good luck.

  10. You should move to New Orleans, he’s down here quite often. I haven’t had the extreme pleasure of spotting him but my friends have. (you have really good taste in men) xo

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  12. OK, I concede, you have won this battle.
    Take him, he is yours.
    It matters not to me, my heart belongs with another,
    come by my pensées sans frontières Blog sometime and see,
    a dedicated message just for thee! 😉

    • Your message had my heart smiling though the battle lines have been drawn :). Well done on this brilliant piece of work :). This one time I will give you biggest hugs :).

      Big hugs, I enjoyed it much

      • Big Hugs back to you also, I’m glad you get my jest!
        You inspired me to frivolity yesterday,
        Thankyou for this reprieve!! ♡♡♡

      • I thank you for indulging my silliness and making it more fun. Big hugs, this interaction warmed my heart heavily :).

        I am all smiles.

  13. luv him…used to live with a Depp look alike (I kid not). Sigh…sadly, my johnny was an azz and it took me forever to get over his good looks to see the skeleton.

    • Are you serious ? Sorry he turned out that way…I can only imagine. Yea sometimes the good looking ones can be a handful to deal with…been there too many times.

  14. I know this is all fun Boomie, but I’m not hooked by your Johnny at all. Well, I could be blind but he doesn’t kick me where I should feel it. Sorry to burst your bubble. lol!

      • I’m laughing, Boomie. Of course I won’t even come if you invite me. Who is he, anyway? He can’t even tie the shoes of Desmond Eliot and Ramsey Noah. (lol!)

      • I know, Boome. But so are Majid Michelle, Desmond Eliot and Ramsey Noah, drop dead handsome actors from Ghana and Naija. All this Johnny Depp-ing is setting my teeth on edge. But don’t mind me. This is how I play the fool with friends in Ghana, always arguing and trying to play the devil’s advocate from a tongue in cheek stance. I hardly win any argumetns that way. But you have to conede that these guys are handsome, that is if you’ve met/seen them.

  15. OK, I have let you have your fantasy long enough. Lovely. Lovely. Poem blah blah. And now, Boomiebol, I have this nugget to share: I met and touched him (no, not like that!). In person eye contact, brief conversation. Inner screaming, then outer screaming. Then hysteria. Can’t wash hand that touched his. BEAUTY!
    I am one step ahead of you!

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