Hello everyone!

I need help!!! WordPress is giving me a hard time, and I can’t for the life of all things writing figure out why. I noticed earlier today that almost all the comments I posted on blogs I read didn’t go through. I don’t know why…

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or has anyone experienced it before? Is there anything that can be done about it? Please help me out…I am a technology block head so I can’t figure this one out.

A blogger that said she found my comments in her spam box…and I found another blogger’s comments in mine, and he said he had written a long comment, unfortunately it didn’t go through. Annoying!!!

Please if anyone knows how I can resolve this, I would greatly appreciate it. If you visited my blog today for the first time and followed…I have tried to stop by your blog to leave messages but WP must be on something today…I will be back again to show support.

Thank you so much!!! I really hope I can resolve this soon. Thanks always for the continued support :).

Have a lovely weekend!!!


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  1. Sorry Boomie, my super-crack IT department (my wife, Susie) was up all last night until about an hour ago (that’s right 24 hours +) working on one of our own computer whodunits. She is currently passed out like drunk after a three day bender, snoring included. When she wakes up (I expect that to be about mid-week) I’ll see if she has any ideas.

    Meanwhile I hope one of the great whizs in the blog world will rapidly come to your aid. 🙂

    Be encouraged!

    • Thank you so much. I can totally understand been up for 24 hrs. Whenever she is up and has any solutions for me, that would be great. Someone suggested switching to firefox. I will wait till tomorrow, see how things are and go from there. Thank you so much always

  2. I have the same problem with some particular people. When they comment, it goes into the spams despite I have already approved previous comments they made.
    No solution except looking in the spam comments twice a day or more to approve the comments who should not be there.

  3. Boomie it is all over the net not just WP I have had IT people all over my computer running removing reinstalling etc i am stilll having probs. they say (news reports) some worm is being unleashed on Monday but who’s Monday has it already started? Don’t know but I went in and ran Malware and antivrus every 2 hours today and just finished defragging an cleaning disc. You have to run the malware and antivirus first if you defrag first you will just spread any virus worm or trojan thruoghout computer. so if you don’t have those or don’t trust you can just download free malware and anti virusa and run them prepared for it to take an hour or two depending how many file s you have, I would suggest leaving the computer to just running those programs a couple of time s and don’t do anything on it noemail, posts etc. because you want it to get all files clean. the n defrag if you don’t know how I will explain let me know in next 30 -40 mins as I am shutting down for the night in case monday starts at midnight wherever this wornm is coming from/

  4. Hey precious woman! I had that problem many months ago; many of my comments were not reaching their intended destination, and who knows if there were comments meant for mine that never arrived! I wrote WordPress via forum and as always got a prompt reply, which included stating which sites the comments weren’t reaching, etc. They wrote back a day later and said things should be ok. They weren’t, and in about a week I wrote again with the most recent details, and a day later they said all should be fine, and it was. To my knowledge, all of my comments arrive in a timely fashion! Good luck, it is frustrating to comment and see it vaporize. Remember to copy it before sending so you don’t wear yourself out reconstructing your thoughts!

    • Most of the folks who have had this issue wrote to the WP tech people asking that they get ‘white listed’ on Akismet, so that their comments don’t go into the spam folder.. I learned to check mine periodically since there are still times where people I contact routinely end up a s spam… I really don’t think it’s the internet. WP is not perfectly coded. If you are using Internet Explorer try using Firefox, or Google Chrome. The way WP handles comments now makes it easier to track and reply, but I think it has bugs … IMHO – 20 + years as an IT guy …

      • Wow, thank you so much. I will see about downloading firefox, but I am hoping that won’t change anything on my laptop.

        I appreciate this in depth comment. 20 years, yea this stuff is right up your alley :). Many thanks!

      • Also – check with Linda Willows at she had the same issue in June and got help from several bloggers, including what caused the spam filter to catch you (some kind of statement in your blog intro) and exactly who to write to and what to say … (Firefox should not hurt anything on you computer, even on a Mac)

      • I just switched to firefox, but there has been no change. I will check with Linda. I also emailed WP support, i sure hope they can help. Thank you so much grandfathersky, I really appreciate the help. Have a great Sunday and week.

      • I just switched to firefox and it is still the same. I have emailed WP support, hopefully it can be resolved soon. Thanks Dienna

    • Thanks so much Z. I will try and read some posts now and see what happens when i try to post comments.
      It sure is, I even copied and pasted again, and then it said I was making a duplicate comment…I was like well where is the comment.

      Thanks so much.

  5. I haven’t had that particular problem…..I’ve noticed that a few blogs I follow don’t show up in my reader, and occasionally my posts don’t show up in other people’s readers. It’s maddening sometimes. I don’t know how to troubleshoot wordpress glitches. Sorry!!

    • I am also dealing with that. Some blogs i follow don’t show up on my email or reader. Sure is very frustrating.
      I am going to read and attempt to comment on some posts now…i hope it works out.

      Thank you so much

  6. I just read a post by another blogger who complained of exactly this problem. I know I do not get replies to comments that the blogger writes. I get them from the older blogs, but not from the new ones?? People don’t show up on my reader either. I think the 300 thousand or so WP blogs is just too much of a load for the servers or something. Aaaauugh!! 🙂 I will check back to see what yu find out. Thanks.

  7. It happens to me a lot of times, Boomie. And I know one blogger who couldn’t even comment to most blogs she apparently marked spam, and I think it hasn’t been fixed yet. But if the blogger who owns the blog, check her notifications on site all the time, she or he would definitely catch it. I hope that helps. Sorry for what you had to go through.

  8. It was happening to me as well. It’s random; no rhyme or reason to it. I remedy it by checking my spam folder regularly on my end and continued commenting until someone notices on the blogs I follow.

  9. Yesterday I could not open or read my notifications on wordpress !
    Sometimes It gets stuck , And there are many other issues I am facing , when posting or commenting . Lets hope they run it properly soon !
    I can understand your frustration level , Let’s hope for the best 😀

  10. Boomie,
    They might be keywords in some monikers which spam filters take for “filth”. Le Clown is never taken for filth, however. WP as you know has been giving me hardships when it comes to receiving notifications for posts, even if my settings have been adjusted in Reader. Me being here though means it’s been fixed. Good luck, Boomie.
    Le Clown

    • It’s just so freaking annoying. Now if i had Le Clown’s magic powers maybe i wouldn’t be dealing with this :). Great to “see” you here Le Clown, thanks very much. I sure hope i figure it out soon. Enjoy your Sunday and week

  11. Hmmmmm. I will need to check out my spam more carefully. I too notified that some of my favorites don’t show up in my reader. Overall I have been pretty happy with WordPress and haven’t noticed any problems. I guess the keyword is “noticed”.

    • Yea, it’s so annoying. I have just downloaded firefox and i will see if anything changes. I haven’t been getting posts from some blogs i follow as well, so i have had to unfollow some bloggers and then follow them all over again. The many joys of technology i guess :). Thanks always Melanie

  12. Your likes are coming through to me fine. I’ll check over the next week or two when I like or comment on your posts, whether this gets recorded.

    I’ve not noticed any problems with wordpress.

    • It just started yesterday. I send comments but it doesn’t go through. So for the time being I have stopped. I sent WP support an email earlier, I do hope it is resolved soon. Thanks always

  13. Yes, that very problem just happened to me. Not being the most savvy of internet participants, I’m sorry to report I have no solution or suggestion to offer…

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