Lost Hope- Poetry Prompt Reason2Rhyme


kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt… Monday, July 9, 2012 Reason 2 Rhyme – “2+2=Poem”

Choose a poetry form that involves some kind of number requirement (a 5-7-5 syllable haiku, a Shakespearean sonnet with 14 lines/10 syllables per line, a couplet form with rhymed endings, a quatrain, or any other form where you must take numbers into account). Write on any topic of your choice, but be sure to pause and appreciate – or denigrate – the use of numbers in a poem!

I almost skipped this challenge…but since I am learning new things and trying to be better at this…I am giving this a shot. I encourage you to try this if you like. My take on this is a Tanka, a Japanese form of poetry with 5 lines and syllable counts 5-7-5-7-7. I wrote that like I know what I am talking about…No  I don’t…Thank God for dictionaries :). Poetry experts, please feel free to critique and analyze this(be kind about it). This is my first attempt at this form. Let’s hope it is not my last. Thank you!!! This is LOST HOPE.

On the blue beaches
Of the island Tahiti
I saw my lost love
Arm in arm with another
Hope for a second chance lost

* In other news…I still cannot post comments on your posts and blogs. WP is sending my comments to your spam box…I will keep commenting if I have anything to say…please feel free to check your spam box. I know I made comments on a few posts yesterday and on Saturday, and if anyone knows how I can rectify this, please let me know. Many thanks as always for all love and support. Have a lovely week*

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    • Yea we will have to. It was the first thing that popped in my head…suppressed memories perhaps LOL. You should especially since you are so good with HAIKU :).

    • Lol…thank you. It was the only thing that came to my mind. I appreciate your work…it always reads smoothly. Thanks always for stopping by as well.

    • Thanks so much for saying that. i often feel that my words are too simple and so they don’t carry enough depth. Unfortunately it’s the only way i know how to write…I can’t do deep metaphors for the life of me :). Glad you said this :). Thanks

  1. WP is sending everyone to spam. Someone said everyone needs to go into their spam and click on not spam and it should correct itself. Crazy you get emails saying you don’t have a lot of traffic and when you get a lot they spam you. SMH

    Your poem is good I’m going to try and do one.

    • So annoying lol. I emailed support, and I am able to post comments again.

      Yes you should. These challenges help me improve and learn more about writing. Thanks so much :).

  2. I really loved the way everyone this week turned the numbers challenge into their own favorite poetry form (or tried a new one!) Great job, and I thought you captured the emotion of that moment perfectly.

    (Also, I checked my spam folder and “un-spammed” the comment that got sent there. Hopefully, you’ll be able to continue commenting. I’ll keep checking it!)

    • Thank you so much Karen. I think it is working fine now, but i would still check spam from time to time :). I almost didn’t do the challenge but glad i did and learnt something new.

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