Ode To The Treadmill


Image courtesy of www.treadmillcentre.co.uk

An ode to you treadmill
My capable machine lover

Strong and powerful
Quiet yet rugged
The one my thighs burn for
The one my thighs throb on

My body knows your worth well and
I could never get enough
Of you or your addictive powers

Big and strong machine
Your power and capability
Takes me into a new world in
Calories and miles
My body responding right
As flabby cores become stealth and formed

I can count abs again after two years of
Spotting a keg from twin pregnancy
And gluttonous overeating

Oh treadmill
The one who keeps me running
Even in the winter and rainy seasons
My true companion and very best friend

My capable machine lover

The one I love to hate
Yet who keeps me up at night
When the desire hits

Never disappointing
Always encouraging even on days of fatigue and weakened knees

What power you pack
As you turn my jiggly into firm and toned
What strength you have as
I push buttons and incline into a hilly run
How quiet yet inviting
My addiction of you

Such manliness about your machinery
And form
You are the only one I know
That can make me sweat and pant
The way I do
And even when I think I can go no more
I am back on you
Wanting more and more

We meet again
In a few hours
Know that I would be thinking of you
And the new distance you would take me
In the morning

Till then
I am always yours
Run lover
And ever
Treadmill humper


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  1. “Treadmill humper” Boomie you crack me up! Isn’t this at least the second poem you’ve written about your treadmill? Sounds to me like you’re smitten! Be careful that he’s not just giving you the old runaround or just a run for your money. I’ve heard he can even be inclined to make your life more difficult. I’ll bet you get in a sweat over him every time! ;-D!


    • Yea lol..the treadmill has sure been good to me. Cos when it is freezing cold, i can just hump…i mean hop on it and run lol. Lately though my knees have been hurting so I am going to have to see a doctor so it doesn’t get worse. I dont want to blame the treadmill though 🙂

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