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Hello Everyone :). Hope you are doing great? Hope the sun is shining where you are, and if you want rain…well here’s hoping it rains!

I don’t know where I am going with this post, but I figured if I start with a greeting and buttered you all up a bit, you wouldn’t mind my ramblings. I still don’t know why you guys keep coming back to read my posts, but somehow you do and I am extremely grateful. I know I have said it one too many times, but my mom always said “you can never be too grateful” OK, no she didn’t but I think you can never be too grateful.

I have been told that I might be going on vacation soon…yay me! I am stoked…vacation with twin toddlers in another country. Best time ever!!! NOT   I was hoping for blue beaches, plenty sand and mucho drinks…but time with the family is priceless right? Don’t hold your breath for a response.

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Anyhow, the vacation is not for another week or so, but this blog is my baby…the one I didn’t get strecth marks over and so the least I can do in return is to not leave it hanging whilst I am roaming the streets of another country aimlessly having fun. I figured it would be inappropriate to be responding to blogs and checking emails, when we are supposed to be spending time as a family. I have been known to very inappropriate on vacations…but that’s a blog post for another day.

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So my brilliant being came up with an idea…why not ask the 5 or so followers I have gained over the past months,  if they want to guest blog on my blog (does that make sense? probably not). I was going to send an email to a few people but I had a hard time thinking of anyone  I was afraid people might turn me down…I would turn me down. I am not Le Clown, Rich or Susie Lindau with a million followers, I am not funny, and I will never be freshly pressed…

Will never happen

I also cannnot pay you in anyway…I could promise souvenirs from wherever I am going but…if you have heard the news lately…the dollar is well…finish it yourself…however I can almost  guarantee that between my younger sister and 5 of her good friends you can get 20 10 extra views on your own blog…and if that is not good enough…check this out; I can assure you that when finally VH1 decides to cast and feature me in the Broke Housewives of Chicago Suburbs, I will give you and your blog a notable mention, even invite you over when the other broke baby mamas and I decide to go on vacation (my dream of going on a beach vacation might finally come true). Who’s winning now, Charlie Sheen? You know I came up with the name for this soon to be award winning VH1 show all by myself…and to think my professors thought I was a dummy…VH1 holler at me :). I can guarantee you African viewers!!!

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So there you have it…I told you I didn’t know where I was going with this post, so I am sorry you just had to read all this nonsense…but remember I have posted a few reasonble things in the past…don’t believe me, well…I don’t know what else to tell you.

If you are interested in being a guest writer on my humble blog- please email me – Unless of course you want me to reblog my old posts…and trust me you do not want that. There is a reason why those posts didn’t get any attention…TERRIBLE!!!

And please don’t make me beg :)!!! (Picture me batting my eyes like a sicko sweet doll). I have 2 people in mind already…I haven’t asked them but they can’t refuse. I know where they live and have something on them…not telling LOL!!!

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  1. I wld be your guest blogger if i have the slightest idea of what to write! I can blog about your vacation if you promise to take me along! Enjoy, you need the break.

  2. ahem….you haven’t asked and I AM NOT VOLUNTEERING!, but I would be happy to comment on all the reblogs for you LOL just go enjoy forget this baby for a bit (take a lot of pics and late at night sneak in to take a long hot bath but really write write write, so you will have plenty of material for when you get back!)

    • Oh that’s a good one. I just might do the reblog thing if no one offers :). I just dont want people commenting and I don’t respond lol.

      Oh i plan to rest even if the girls jump on my head screaming wake up. LOL

  3. Lol. Like the rambling. Id volunteer, but ….. well…… I won’t. Lol. I volunteer Yemi Aina Osin, Dr. Bayo Oshin and ur sister. 🙂

  4. Vacation sounds so exciting! Is there room for me in the bag? I promise not to be the 5th wheel. You won’t even know I’m there.

    I shall miss your posts when you are gone. I can’t wait to hear about your va-cay!

    btw…you and I should make our own Chicago Suburbs reality show called “Bloggin’ It in the Chi-Town Burbs”. Will anyone watch it?

    • LOL…i just laughed out loud and one of the girls asked what is funny. I think we might already have an audience lol…between our spouses and a few friends i am sure we will do well. Throw in a little blogging drama about not liking or commenting on enough posts and we are no 1. lol. Thanks so much Oster’s mom.

  5. You ARE funny. You are. Hey, so I originally thought of writing erotica for my blog but didn’t have the guts to do it like you do. Maybe a guest blog? Cringe. I can’t believe I just said that. NO. No. Forget that. But I could write a rant about children.

    • LOL…You ARE kind. Really, ok why don’t you send it to me and we will see if it is too erotica for TV lol…anything you feel like writing about…I have some conservative followers who are not bloggers but i think we all need spice from time to time…a rant about children is just as spicy lol. Thanks so much, will expect your post?!

  6. Hey Twinnie – I got yo’ back. I’ll take a day while you’re away 🙂
    A vacation will be a nice break away from the everyday routines – even with twins.
    Are you asking I write something specific, something with a certain mood or just whatever floats in my head that day?

  7. I’m glad you’re taking a vacation. Good times, good times… I’ll miss you for sure. Just make sure to come back! I’ll have to decline the guest blogger role. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very good as a guest blogger. You’d come back and find that half of your followers had fled. I’ve got a bit much on my plate now. Hurry back!

    • LOL SCB!!! You just cracked me up for real. I just left a message on your blog, how are you feeling? You went to the dentist today right? i always associate them with pain so i am assuming they did something to you?

      Thanks so much, i sure will miss ya…i will probably be sneaking blog time in around 2am…but don’t tell anyone…i will be a silent reader

  8. Oh as far as my teeth — I had oral surgery and it was way worse than I thought. The dentist cut the back part of a bridge to pull a tooth underneath it that was infected with an abscess. The procedure was painful and the pain afterward was excruciating — sometimes I think I’m in hell! But I’ll survive. Thanks for asking. I’m taking painkillers but it doesn’t even help all the way though the pain and swelling have subsided. Thanks again for your concern.

    • Ouch…see why i “hate” dentists they cause pain. I am so sorry, thankfully the swelling is down and hopefully after a great nights rest it all gets better.

      Feel better soon :).

  9. Boomie,
    You kick ass! Le Clown is overrated, so says his author! His author also think guest blogging could be fun… If you ever want a bit of his circus on your blog, just let him know… Now that I showed you public love, I’ll send you a PM.
    Le Clown

    • Oh whatever you want to write about really…just send me an email with what you have. You could do a poem or short story, something fun and light. Thank you 🙂

      • How does next monday sound? That way I can set it up to be posted. Also if you could include a mini bio that you want readers to know :). Thanks, you would just respond to whatever comments you get as you would your own posts.

        Thanks a mille

  10. Your postings are wonderful, I can’t really see you having any problem getting a few guest writers. I’ve noticed from your comments it’s probably already taken care of. And a special thank you for your comment to Emma. She read it just before she went to bed, with a big smile on her face!

  11. Boomie, know that your posts are beautifuul, don’t doubt it for a second! It’s so sad you’ll be leaving! We sure’ll miss you!!!! Have an amazing amazing time!!! 😀 Lots of love your way 😉

  12. Boomie, I would put anything you asked on your blog! You are a brilliant and talented woman with a voice that resonates through every fiber in my creative soul. You have followers and the very best kind, the ones that want to know you. Anything you ever need or want, just ask and I will do my best to share you with my blog world 🙂

    • Oh Michael, you are ever so kind to moi. I haven’t been getting your posts…went over yesterday though and today. Great to “see” you here knowing you are busy these days…you know mi blog es tu blog lol. Most definitely anytime you want to grace my little corner with your awesome pictures or stories…or maybe we can do a collabo sometime. I attempt to write something about one of your pictures. What do you think? Will shoot you an email. Love to Juliet. Thanks always

  13. Sometimes you have to shake the cobwebs out — let the pebbles rattle and the marbles roll. As Steven Jobs said, “It is the journey, not the destination” — or not. Thanks for reading/responding to “Poof!” And have fun wherever it is you are going. I’m back from the beach, freshly burned and already peeling. Where ever you go, there is a story or a poem lurking. Just don’t let it catch you unawares. A desecrated artist is a terrible mess to clean up.

    • Always a pleasure reading your posts-crocodile vs pedophiles, is still one of the posts that i have read that comes to my mind on a very regular basis. Will be sure to stay aware…lucky you, a beach vacation would be so great right now. But i am thankful i get to go away

  14. You know, I think the only thing scarier than writing on your own blog would be writing on someone else’s! At least if you upset your own followers, that’s one thing…but mess it up for someone else? Wouldn’t want to do that to you 🙂 But I hope you can get a little bit of mummy down time while you’re off on ‘holiday’ 🙂

    • I hope so too. Everyone here is so kind and supportive, so I hope they do that for these bloggers who have so kindly volunteered. It is a very diverse group but i am sure there will be something for everyone :).

  15. I was going to tell you I can hardly keep up with my blog. But clearly you don’t need me. Considering how far I had to scroll down to leave this message. Enjoy your vacation and family. the twins will be grown and out the house before you know it. 🙂

  16. Boomie, I’m late in answering my mails so came to this post quite late. Anyway, your guest bloggers have hit the list and I’m sure you’re already on vacation. Enjoy yourself to the hilt, twins and all. And you give that handsome hunk of a husband of yours some real good loving, African style.

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