Silent Thoughts, Silent Vow


Ana looked at her daughter as she ate the banana, Emma had just had a plate of French fries, Chicken nuggets, and some juice. She asked her for bananas and Ana couldn’t refuse.

As Emma ate her banana happily smiling after every bite, Ana couldn’t help but wonder…what Emma would do if ever she was hungry…hungry so much that her little body twitched as hunger ravished her insides. The thought scared her.

Emma continued to eat her banana…smiling. Ana let her mind wander…she was thankful she could provide a good life for her daughter. She thought about the many mothers, and fathers who couldn’t. How they must feel to know that their little ones were hungry, and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Emma ate another banana…

Ana couldn’t stop thinking. Emma was the world to her, but so were those kids to their parents…Emma wasn’t in anyway better than them. She was fortunate to be born in this part of the world…fortunate to be born to her…but she wasn’t more deserving. Or was she?

Lost in her many silent thoughts…Ana thanked God for her daughter and all they had…she said a prayer for the millions of hungry people and especially the many hungry boys and girls around the world.

How hurt their parents must feel time and time again, when they have nothing to give their children…how ashamed some might even feel…how sad and angry perhaps…blaming themselves…hating themselves…as little tummies rumbled in the quiet.

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Ana looked up as tears welled in her eyes and smiled at Emma who was still busy munching on her 3rd or 4th banana. Emma had a very healthy appetite even though she often wasted her meals.

Ana’s childhood flashed before her eyes…the many nights her parents went without food, just so she and her younger brother could eat…the many nights she gave her brother her own loaf of bread, when he wanted more…

Ana whispered a thank you to the Heavens…and vowed silently to make a difference…one hungry child at a time.

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It is my will and
Heart’s desire that
No one let alone a child
Should ever go hungry

It is my prayer and
Heart’s longing that
In the not so far future
No one let alone a child
Will ever be hungry

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  1. And to think of it that with today’s technology hunger can be banned from the world just like malaria. But doing so would ruin the world’s economy as the capitalistic system feeds on rich versus poor. How is that for an irony.

    • Thank you so much, your words sure make my heart smile. However, i am a work in progress honestly…I am grateful i have this words…i hope i can use them for a bigger purpose than myself. I appreciate this very kind comment

  2. This is a beautiful write, unfortunately; as well very true and sad. There is no reason in this whole great world that anyone especially a child should go hungry but even here in America there are many. It just breaks my heart.

    • I agree, it breaks my heart to know that somewhere in the world today, a child will go to bed hungry and yet there is so much food in the world. Hopefully we can be the generation that makes a huge difference…eradicate this unnecessary evil once and for all. Thank you

  3. Absolutely beautiful! ♡♥♡
    This is my will also, no child or person should live in such poverty.
    I see this piece of writing of yours, as a gentle nudge.
    Time to do something, time to lend a hand.
    Thankyou Boomie. ♡

  4. There are so many times when I think of this when feeding Oster. How unfortunate and tragic for our world that we have so many starving children (and senior citizens). Children can’t understand the complexities of being impoverished. And even teens have difficulties grasping the magnitude of not having enough on the table (or the cheap, wrong foods to eat).

    I thank God everyday for allowing us to provide our family with fresh foods on our table.

    • I feel you completely. I had this episode with the girls and couldn’t ignore the urging my heart felt. I doubt they have ever really been hungry yet if their meals don’t come on time they cry and i thought about those who were really hungry and no meal was coming…very sad that while there is so much abundance in the world, there is also so much poverty.

      Like you said, we have to thank God everyday that we can provive our families with fresh foods. Thank God, and thanks so much

  5. So well stated. So heart felt. But when I go to respond to this beautiful and truthful posting I feel ashamed of humanity and feel very inadequate to even write a comment. I promise I will try, even harder to make a difference every day so that the thoughts reflected in your words and poem will one day be reality. Your words have value and need to be shared again and again.

    • I know the feeling. Many times i write about these things be it human issues…poverty, hate and such. People have a hard time commenting and rightly so, however it is the unfortunate truth of our society.
      I am still working on been better in these issues myself but i know together we can all make a difference. Thank you so much for commenting on this and i am glad to know that you are going to try harder to make a difference in your own way. Thanks so much 🙂

  6. Amen to the prayer. My other serious sentiments have already been expressed by the other comments. So, on a lighter note, did Ana ever wonder where her little baby was putting all that food. Have you seen the size of the bananas I’m the U.S.?! …and that little child ate FOUR of them right after eating chicken nuggets and fries.!!! Just saying.. Lol

    • Lol Yemi, interesting that you should bring that up. This scenario happened about a week ago…one of your babies (we won’t mention her name) did this…but in her defense she only ate a piece of her nuggets and left the fries…finished the juice and had 2 bananas…she is having dinner now and has had 2 pcs of chicken and wants a 3rd one…lol. I embellished a little for fiction sake but ahem…there is a little lady in this casa that likes food.

    • Oh please no trumpet here, you saying and acknowleding it can move others to do the same. God bless you and your famly for doing this. I am sure the children’s lives are all the more better for your kindness and generosity. God bless and thanks for sharing this

  7. a moving write, boomie… this hunger, this misdistribution in the world makes me quite angry & sad. There is so much waste in this country, so much consumption when others half a world away (or a block over) struggle to survive. One step at a time, one mouth at a time…thank you for the reminder ~

    • Thanks Angela, it honestly is an overwhelming hurt and anger, if i make any sense. I saw some pictures on a blog today adn my heart sank as usual.
      I hope someday, very soon a lasting difference can be made.
      I believe our generation has so much power, so much insight, we are more aware and opportuned than ever before, i hope we can take advantage of all of this and make a lasting difference. I hope i can in my own little way.
      Thanks for reading and taking time to comment

  8. straight from the heart, Boomie. You’ve created a touching scenario here. Indeed, I hate it when my kids waste food because I know that there are others out there who are starving. So so sad!

    • I agree, I am teaching my little ones too especially since one of them doesnt like to eat…i have to remind myself they are little but still they need to learn and know.

      Thank you!!!

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