Secret Places


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One of these days
I am going to get your attention
Perhaps when you least expect it
But by then the deed will be done
For your heart will be mine to have
Mine already yours

One of these days…

Until then
I will think of you
And dream of your touch
In my silent and most secret places


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  1. I like it. You have a gift, a way with words that adds more than just what the words mean. Captivating and beautiful! And a very warm thank you for your caring words on my post. You have a caring soul. I’m glad I found you.

    • Absolutely…I read this comment earlier but it has been a busy day. A thought popped in my head to do something with this comment :). Will let you know how it goes…thanks always

  2. Boomie – just adore this piece….the image really appealed to me and then was completely taken in by your writing…. something special here my friend πŸ™‚

    • Me neither, I am still waiting on Johnny Depp to write back saying he loves me…nothing yet :). Thanks TBA, I still owe you an email…been a long week and longer day, will do it later tonight or tomorrow. Great to “see” you around here

      • yeah, was on self imposed hiatus. running on most cylinders again now…you want to rock Haiku Sunday with me this week? If you email me tonight I can send you the photos tomorrow

      • Ouch me is scared, but I am always up for a challenge i think…will send the email later tonight and hepefully get the pictures from you so i have time to work on them. Trying to get through all the blogs i follow.

    • Oh my martial arts friend…you are now officially on the guest list and in the running for best man…my hubs refused to be best man…i think he is jealous :).

    • Thank you :). It seems someone is challenging us on this Johnny Depp thingy…I am going to respond with your poem in a few, i am hoping she can fall for Tim Burton and leave Johnny and I alone lol

      • WHAT!!!!
        It’s hard enough with only the two of US fighting over our love, there can’t be another contender!
        We MUST unite, this cannot happen.
        I’ll bring Helena.
        Be Strong my friend! πŸ˜‰

  3. This is very beautiful. Oh, stark loneliness of this bitter world, you find in this your quencher. This glimpse of clear beauty written on hearts. These words of wonder. These words of love. How hope flows from them and provides a hand, softly to raise the lowered chin. To hope. To love. To dream of yet more. More than crude superficiality. A little joy. A glimpse. A glimpse.
    It hurts to read your words of beauty Boomiebol. It hurts because they are so close, like a phantom, but reach out, and the vision is gone. Loneliness remaining. But still, it happened. And those words were written. And they laid a soft hand on my heart. And for that, I thank you.

    • Oh your comment took me to another place of gratitude.I absolutely appreciate and adore this comment. Thank you so much for reading and taking time to comment. Very much appreciated Ferdinand. Very much, again many thanks. I am so honored by this comment

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