Better Days…Ahead


One by one we file in,
Unrehearsed just usual

What’s for dinner, mama?” we asked
Pounded cassava and okra” she responded

She hesitates…
Then continues
“It’s without meat though…”

She awaits for our response
A look of disgust

She is waiting….

The shock all but stops
It stops in our hearts
We never allow it to make it
To our faces


At least there’s dinner tonight” I responded
Everyone echoed the same view
It was the truth…at least there was dinner
With or without meat

Mama turned away as tears filled her eyes
The tears she had managed to hide for so long
Poured down her face….
Her weak and now aging face

Time had dealt with mama
She was now tired and it showed…

We consoled her
Tried to assure and reassure her
That better days were coming
All she had to do was hold on
Better days were ahead…

The truth was we weren’t sure anymore
We knew they were coming
But we weren’t sure when…
Still mama needed our assurance

The better days truly came
Despite our doubts
And though it took a while
They came…

They are still here now
But not her…
No but rest assured mama is gone to glory


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  1. Felt right there with you (and your mother) Felt all of it Boomie. Felt the tears of all mothers for that matter. This is a beautiful, beautiful write! Love, Jennifer

    • Thank you so much Jennifer. It is an amazing job that mothers do…the sacrifice, the pain, the effort, the time…the love. Yes mothers deserve more than they can ever be given. Glad you felt this…i have come to admire you, and your kind soul that radiates through your words. Thank you always for the support, always

    • Thank you so much. I wrote it a while back and only showed my younger sister. When i write personal stories and all i tried to show one or all of my siblings so they can give approval to share and we can all agree the sentiments shared are true or very close. Thank you!

    • Oh that was not the intention at all…but glad it moved you in such a powerful way. I think this year i am facing some of the hurt i have ignored or pushed to the back of my mind and heart, hopefully it sharing and writing them will help me heal and move on. Thank you always

      • I cry when I am moved. Whether it be sad, happy, or some other really strong emotion. I was simply moved by the truth of it. you are very welcome my friend.

    • Thank you so much Arlene. I really appreciate this. I guess the hurt is from the pain behind this post but the songs from the hope found after it all. Many thanks again

    • Yea…the reality is life is a mixture of both…we celebrate and embrace the great times and acknowledge the not so good ones…thank you. Do you have it on your blog?

      • I often find myself in a position where words are compromised when I have to write something that worries me. I need to get over that and be a little bold, I guess. But, I think I have a bit of verse here and there which are not entirely happy thoughts. It’s all about losing someone.

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