Blue Oceans Of Water- Reason 2 Rhyme – “Letter to the Landscape” poetry challenge/prompt


kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt… Monday, July 16, 2012 Reason 2 Rhyme – “Letter to the Landscape”This week’s prompt is: Write a letter to a landscape or scene you pass through today (or often). For example, “Dear Williamsburg Bridge…

This week, I thought about my recent visit to the beach. Honestly, I am not sure about this poem…I just wrote it about 10 minutes ago…I don’t know if it makes any sense 🙂 or if I expressed what I had in mind well. My brain is tired from a long weekend! As always criticisms are welcome…especially on this one. Thank you!

Here is Blue Oceans Of Water (Hoy, even the title is a disaster)

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Blue oceans of water
Waving back and forth
To the tidal winds
What strengths you must carry
What secrets you must hold
Your depth beyond understanding
Your width beyond vision

Say oceans of many waters
What lies beneath your power?
What tales have you seen or

Ships and boats
Many divers
The drowning
And drowned
Are they all you hold?

Perhaps more
Like pennies and nickels
From the young and wishful thinkers

Or bottled letters
From over the sea lovers
Reaching your shore
With none to recover it
After travelling several months…

The weathers changing and
Turning your tides
Causing you to freeze over time

Cold and frozen
You keep your strength under wraps

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  1. I thought that was a lovely journey of the ocean’s many paths. I especially liked, “Like pennies and nickels/From the young and wishful thinkers”. That rolls beautifully off the tongue! Thanks!

    • Thank you so much Karen, i wasn’t sure where i was going with this one lol. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for these prompts; they help me go beyond my comfort zone.

    • Interesting what Madhu said, because I really like it except for the last line, which seems to lose the rhythm and keeping something under wraps is a very familiar set phrase. I like the music of the poem and the simplicity of the language.

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