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I have had this post on my mind for a while, but somehow wasn’t feeling quite ready to share or even write it down. I think it was partly due to laziness. Anyhow, I woke up quite early this morning, read some blog posts for almost 2 hours and tried to go back to sleep before the sun was up.

The contents for this post came back to my mind as I was trying to figure the day’s date out…turns out my blog is 6months today :). Perfect day to share this post then, would’t you agree?

I have said many times that I started this blog without giving it much thought, and had little to no idea what blogging entailed…I had no expectations whatsoever. My older brother told me once never to be disappointed in people, you didn’t appoint them. Try not to have expectations. I haven’t always listened to him, but this time I did.

I shared my first post with this mind set and hoped for a few readers from my facebook page. I also hoped I would be able to write something meaningful daily…after awhile though, I must admit I feared I might run out of words…even posted about it. But I really wanted to do this for at least a year, sharing something everyday.

I wanted to step out of the shadow of being just mom, and wife (not that there is anything wrong with those), but my heart wanted more. Often times I feel like there is so much inside of me just yearning to be out…and so on February 17th I took the first step towards finding myself…sharing my words, thoughts, and passion.

I am still a work in progress, but this journey has no doubt opened my eyes to a purpose bigger than I ever imagined. It has opened my eyes to me more than anything else. Pushed me to come out of my shell, inspired me, provoked me, and excited me.

I have to say that I owe it to God, and all of you for the many support you continue to show. As much as I can say I write for myself and my heart, the truth is “what use is a good book, if no one ever reads it?” Everyday I wake up to check this blog and somehow you kind people show up time after time and support me..I honestly cannot say I know why, but somehow you do…I am by no means the best writer, far from it…yet somehow you continue to support and inspire me. THANK YOU!!!

6 months, 240 posts, over 25,000 views and over a thousand followers later…I remain humbled and inspired by your support. This experience has given me more than I could ever have expected…a commmunity, where people encourage, share, and support one another. I never knew I would have readers from around the world…or connect to people so much that we can develop a relationship outside of WP…THANK YOU!

It’s in this same token of support, and community that I stumbled on an opportunity recently on a blog I follow I pursued it and found out recently that they accepted on of the poems I submitted…what’s more exciting is that it was a poem that didn’t get a lot of attention (In my opinion, one of my top 3 best poems), “Poverty”. Thank you again Roxie for always sharing these opportunities.

My experience and the results on here have been more than I could ever have expected…I continue to find truths about myself, what I want to do, and how I want to make a difference. I continue to write daily and improve my writing skills, I continue to learn from all your posts, thoughts, and ideas. I am happy I decided to do this.

A big thank you to my non-blogging friends who subscribe via email and facebook…you rarely comment, but then I get your text messages, emails, and when we talk you continue to cheer me on. I appreciate each and everyone of you. THANK YOU!

I didn’t intend for this post to be this long but I am sure you would indulge me…thank you all for always reading, liking, sending emails, commenting, following, sharing, sending me opportunities, introducing me to new bloggers, and all the great stuff in between. I remain a work in progress and I like my time on here.

I read a book a while back by one of my favorite authors, John Maxwell titled Failing Forward and I coined his definition of success, he wrote “Success is knowing what your purpose is in life, walking in it, and sowing seeds of benefit in others.” This is what I want for myself…live my purpose but impact other people to do the same so that they can also do the same for others and so on…then our successes will become full circle. I hope I continue to do that with these words…I hope they find someone somewhere and move and compel them to their greater good.

Thank you again for all the support, looking back on my life, I have come a long way…I know I still have far to go…but I have come a long way. I hope it continues only to get better for me and you all. I hope I have many more words to share with you all. THANK YOU!!!

In all humility and modesty, I am proud of myself… Here’s to many more posts, growth, and support, and friendships. THANK YOU!!!

If my heart could speak
Out loud and clear to you all
It’d echo THANK YOU!


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  1. Amen!
    I always look forward to receiving emails telling me that you’ve made a new post. And almost without fail, I drop what I’m doing and check it out. Each time I feel rewarded, encouraged and provoked to goodness.

    Happy Blog Birthday. May you have many, many more.

  2. Hmm. . . Nice. . .its always good to look back so that u can appreciate ow far u ve come, congrats girl. . . .aim for the top. . .you r almost there

  3. Read every word here Boomie — honestly got teary reading ~ so happy for you. It is awe-inspiring to know how the blogging project has evolved for you and touched you so deeply – and also touched so many others who connect with you daily. So very honored to know you here and be a tiny part of the connection to the kind, talented and gentle spirit that is yours. Much Love always ~Robyn

    • Oh Robyn, you are ever so kind. Your comment moved me deeply and I appreciate it so much. I am honored to know you and your lovely work. Thank you always for taking time to stop by here and comment. It is always appreciated. Thank you!!! Love much

  4. Aww boomie! On every post and comment, one can see your soul and essence, you seem to be such a wonderful person that i would love to meet in person some time. Your humility is incredible, and you are indeed a great writer :). A thousand followers don’t represent a coincidence ;). Congratulations on your 6 months and I’m glad you decided to create a blog in order for me to find you through here! Lots of love, boomie!

    • Erika you are too sweet :). My already big head has now doubled in size lol. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person. If ever you are in Chicago, please feel free to email me :). Thank you for your kind and generous support. Big hugs and loads of love dear. You are too kind

  5. I am glad you started your blog. I find it very authenthic and genuine. I enjoy reading your poems, can sense the feelings in every single word. Congrats with your 6 months online Boomie! 🙂

  6. I agree with you about this amazing community of bloggers. They are all the things you say they are. To be a part of them is simply wonderful, and as for you well, I’ve only been blogging for a month now boomie, but professionally and privately I’ve met many people in my life. You are a winner, a keeper, and definitely deserve the support and respect you’ve received. You care, and it shows. You dream and you’re writing about it. You experience and you share. Yes. Most definitely a winner. 🙂

  7. Congrats Boomie! You have the heart, the talent, the wit, you have everything you need to succeed. So it does not come as a surprise to me. 😊 And I know there more blessings to come your way, because you are kind. So, brace your passion tight, and just enjoy the blissful ride! Kudos!

  8. I was attracted to your energy and spirit from the start. I could have written something very similar myself…as we share the same beliefs in many ways with blogging. I come back because your kindness and light shines through everything you do. Wonderful post. 🙂

    • Not to sound like a kiss ass, but I felt the exact thing when i first read your blog….there was something i connected to and i still don’t think i have figured it out. Regardless i am a fan of your always, so this comment from you means a great deal. Thank you much

  9. Boomie,
    Congrats on your 6-month on le blogosphere, on having a poem being accepted and for being so freakin’ awesome when it comes to building your readership. And see… you even managed to have Le Clown write a smartass-less comment… Now that IS an achievement.
    Le Clown

    • Le Clown,

      Your smartass-less comment is mighty appreciated, as you have upped my circus credit by stopping by my no clown blog :).

      Many of my readers are facebookers, I figured if i was wishing them happy birthday once a month, the list they can do is read my rants lol…guess its working out.

      The poem acceptance is pretty exciting, hoping there will be many more.

      Many thanks to your awesomeness for stopping by, i remain a humble fan

  10. So happy for you.
    I am 60 days in lol so I know the time it took you each and every day to SHARE with us.
    I am so glad you are on my list as well.
    You pour your thought5s and soul out onto each page and I snap a photo lol two different worlds but you help to inspire me to be that much better here.

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