Fireflies Danced- Guest Blog


Hello there followers of the great Boomiebol! While she is out and about enjoying her time with her family, she asked for a few of us to keep you entertained with some guest posting. Hopefully we won’t scare you away!! LOL.

A little bit about me and my blog Halefire323:

My blog consist of all things marriage, family, and kiddos. I also share all of my NaNoWriMo adventures, and favorite music. It’s just a collection of all things random that happen to pop into my head, really.

I’ve been blogging about my life off and on since 2008, but started taking it seriously in 2010. Well I don’t know if SERIOUSLY is the right word. I just discovered that it was actually something I enjoyed doing, and do well. At least according to my followers!

I started out on Blogger, but with Google discontinuing the Friend Connect service, the heart and soul of Blogger, I’ve had to pack my bags and move over here to the lovely WordPress. Really, it’s better here!

This little poem I’m sharing with you was written several years ago, and has recently been published in a poetry anthology! I’ve kind of strayed away from poetry here of late, but I’m thinking of getting back into the swing of things. Hope you enjoy!

Fireflies Danced

Underneath the sickle moon’s light the fireflies danced
Sitting silently watching the ghost of the past march on
Memories haunting and overwhelming lives pleasantries
Mind swimming full of doubts and insistent longing
Can you feel this?
The weight of this mysterious, moonlight dance?
Pieces of my brittle mind carelessly flutter to the ground surrounding me
Listlessly slipping through my fingers
And underneath the sickle moon’s light the fireflies danced
Glancing skyward as the ground beneath me spins
An ominous blood red glow fills the horizon
An arced sulfur rain falls and still the fireflies danced
Sweetly in silence we meet
Volumes communicated through subtle glance,
And the light brush of fingers intertwined.
We watched in the apocalyptic storm
Underneath the blood moons light,
As still the fireflies danced.


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    • Glad you enjoyed the poem but a guest writer, the very brilliant Kelli wrote it as a guest post, so she deserves all the prasie for this one :). Thank you for stopping by to comment. I am sure she will appreciate it

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